Home Care Marketing: Making it Unique

At ChoiceLocal, we serve home health care businesses across the country.  By specializing in marketing for the home care industry, we are able to gain a depth of knowledge in the specific area of marketing to home care providers. We then use that broad base of information and experience to serve our customer partners across the country. But at the same time, we know that each business is unique with its own specific needs, individual customers and operating in a specific geographical and cultural context.   How do we use what is replicable while tailoring our services for each home care marketing customer?

Listening: During our initial consultations with potential customers, we listen to their needs.  Although we may have some idea what their needs are based on our other customers’ experiences, we make sure we understand what each customer partner is looking to prioritize.  We listen so we understand the strengths of a particular business and where they are looking to grow and improve. Only after listening can we know how we can truly help that business grow.

Making customer priorities our priorities:  When coming to ChoiceLocal, a home care business may be primarily concerned about getting new customers in order to increase revenue. On the other hand, they may already have a lot of new business coming in, but lack a sufficient number of qualified caregivers.  Yet again, they may looking expand their business in a new direction and are looking to increase their online profile and bring more traffic onto their website.  It may even be something entirely different. Once we have listened to our customer and made sure we understand their priorities, we then make their priorities our priorities, having identified their home care company’s specific needs and how they hope to grow.

Providing excellent customer service:  We make it a priority to know what is going on with our customer partners’ businesses and are as responsive as possible in making adjustments.  We identify ways to help our customers achieve their goals and are proactive in providing input and suggestions to improve and maximize their return on investment.  We work hard and look for solutions.  We go through the ups and downs of their business with them and are attentive to their needs.  We strive to help.

Providing unique content: Using our always-growing knowledge of the home care industry, we are able to craft and post unique content to our customer partners’ websites.  In creating fresh unique content we are able to drive traffic to customer websites and increase their ranking in the search engines.

Keeping geographical and regional differences in mind: Seniors in Fort Myers, FL are not going to be interested in content on shoveling snow and seniors in San Francisco, CA may not be overly concerned about avoiding heat stroke.  We tailor our content to our customer partners’ clientele.

Tailoring SEO* based on linguistic and search criteria specific to a business’s service area:  Do people looking for home care for a family member in Dallas, TX search for it the same way that someone in Boston, MA would?  Using tools like Google Keyword Planner and Moz Analytics we are able to find out answers to questions like this by determining the best keywords to bring traffic to our customer’s website for their specific service area.

Providing monthly customer reports: Each month we prepare a written report with all of the data and analysis we have collected over the month, providing outcomes on work performed and return-on-investment, and indicating what we plan to do for the customer over the course of the next month. Then we meet with the company stakeholders of our customers to go over the report, answer questions and gain input and direction to adjust the strategy for the next month as necessary.

Using ChoiceLocal offers home care companies the best of both worlds by offering knowledge and experience in the home care industry as well as uniquely tailored marketing strategies and individualized customer service to help each of our customer partners thrive.

*Search Engine Optimization


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