A Comparison Like No Other – How Invisalign Compares to Search Engine Optimization

By Ali Dieken

You may be asking yourself, “What could Invisalign and search engine optimization possibly have in common?”.

Let’s begin with a brief summary of Invisalign. Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth, the founders of Align Technology, created Invisalign after Chishti’s personal experience with traditional braces. These two Stanford University students aimed to revolutionize the orthodontic industry by spearheading a way to transform braces from less of an eyesore to more comfortable and smile-friendly.


So, obviously, Invisalign has a strong tie to appearance. And so does search engine optimization (SEO). While Invisalign is tied to physical appearance, SEO is connected to digital appearance. And, as a smile is often the first thing you notice in an individual’s physical appearance, a business’s web presence and user experience is often your first impression of a business.

The next similarity lies within the choice to employ Invisalign and SEO. Individuals often decide to implement Invisalign after noticing unfavorable movement in their tooth alignment due to issues such as overcrowding. The same is valid for SEO. Businesses often choose to improve their online presence, increase organic search traffic, and learn more about SEO strategies after noticing the undesirable positioning within major search engines. Companies not using SEO often find that they are buried within the results and subsequently look to digital marketing experts who can help them improve their search engine rankings. This is similar to individuals with tooth pain or the desire to improve their smile find themselves searching for solutions, such as an experienced dentist who offers Invisalign clear aligners.

It Takes Time to See Results

After beginning SEO, like Invisalign, results will not be immediately visible. You won’t miraculously wake up with straighter teeth or be the first search result. As with Invisalign that progressively build a better smile, search engine optimization is not an overnight shift. The results achieved by implementing tested digital search strategies can prove substantial, but they don’t come overnight and require a customized digital marketing campaign. In reality, it can take 3-9 months to see substantial results. As you begin seeing your teeth shift over time, the same is true with search engine marketing. Your continued ranking improvements will come about due to regular efforts, updates, and implementation.

Hire a Professional

Lastly, you wouldn’t allow just anyone to take care of your dental health. So don’t just go to anyone for your search engine optimization needs. Choose a digital marketing agency trained in SEO techniques, understands your goals, and is prepared to help you achieve them so that, like Invisalign, transformation and a big, confident smile will follow.

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