ChoiceLocal’s Core Values: Family

I started at ChoiceLocal in February of 2020, and within two weeks of starting and getting my feet wet as a new employee, we went fully remote due to the pandemic. From there on out, I, and all my coworkers, have been working from home ever since.

It is a strange time to start a job, as I believe I haven’t had a face-to-face, in-person conversation with almost 75% of the people at ChoiceLocal. It feels odd, but while I feel very comfortable here, I also still feel like the new guy in a way!

All of this being said – I’m super thankful to be at a company that is so encouraging and inclusive even when we are physically not together. Even though I haven’t met many of my coworkers, I’ve never felt more comfortable at a job.

Family as a Core Value

At ChoiceLocal, our camaraderie is reinforced by one of our core values of “Family.” As a member of this team, I do genuinely feel valued and appreciated. I have had other jobs where I was simply an employee expected to do my job, and that’s it. I am grateful to be here and treated as an individual, and I am comforted knowing that my company has my back no matter what – especially in a year as challenging as the one we’ve been through.

Our family moved to the Akron/Cleveland area a little over two years ago, and since I started working here, I finally feel comfortable and accomplished in my career. The feedback on how my day-to-day job is going to happen no matter where you work, but it’s gratifying when you have a team of people that genuinely care about you as a person as well.

My wife and I recently had our first child (it’s a boy!), and I am very thankful to be in a company that values the importance of family.

How “Family” Benefits Our Partners

The Core Value of Family also translates into our relationships with the partners we work with. I’m an Account Executive here at ChoiceLocal, so I have (virtual) face-to-face interactions with the franchise owners who work with us.

Creating positive relationships with our partners sets us up to have great conversations around the digital marketing solutions necessary to help businesses grow! In the year-plus that I’ve worked here, I have met many great franchise owners that are awesome to work with.

I want to thank the entire team at ChoiceLocal and all our amazing partners for all of this. You have one man that feels very lucky to be where he is today because of you.

About the Author:

Lucas is an Account Executive at ChoiceLocal with experience in digital marketing, sports journalism, and sports information. Outside of work, you’ll catch him getting his heart broken by Michigan sports teams, taking his dog, Huck, to the park, and most importantly, spending time with his wife, Stephanie, and newborn son.

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