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Home Care Marketing: Does Paid Advertising Work?

The Benefits of Having Paid Ads in Your Home Care Marketing Strategy

In the world of digital marketing and advertising, it’s no secret that there are a plethora of different areas that you can focus your advertising budget. We also all know that search engine optimization (SEO) is a no-brainer on where to begin since it’s the foundation of all online advertising. Without it, your senior care agency will struggle with getting itself an established online presence. But where do you go next? I’m here to tell you why pay-per-click (PPC or paid search) can be the perfect service to add to your digital home care marketing strategies.

The Effectiveness of PPC

Chances are, if you work with ChoiceLocal for your digital home care marketing strategies, you have probably talked about PPC. Compared to SEO, the cost of PPC is high, but so are the results. Not only does your senior care business receive a lot more control about who and where your ad shows, but users are more likely to fill out a form or call due to a dedicated landing page. Still not convinced? Let us look at who has been filling out forms on our landing pages. Below are two charts based on our form fills for the senior care industry from January to May of 2021.

Pie Chart of When Is Care Needed - Majority of Care Is Needed Right Now or Within a Week's Time Pie Chart of How Long Is Care Needed - Majority of Care Is Needed Long Term


Both charts are straightforward based on how quickly and the length of time a user is searching for care. We can see that 58% of people need senior care services within a week, and 81% need care for at least a month. Therefore, there is a 47% chance that someone who fills out our form needs care within a week and needs services for more than a month. We can see that the prospects filling out the form are high value for a senior care business.

Communication Is Key!

We know that not all of these prospects will become a client just with the nature of business, so the question becomes how can we best achieve results? The most straightforward answer to this is communication. Communication is vital to have with both ChoiceLocal and your potential client.

For the prospects, if they contact your business, but they never hear back after submitting the form or the phone call is missed/handled poorly, they won’t become clients. The second is giving us feedback; if your paid ads specialist never receives feedback on lead quality, they will keep trying to deliver as many leads as possible without knowing that they haven’t been working out.

To help with this, ChoiceLocal provides each partner with lead notifications through either email or text. Not only will your business receive a message right after someone fills out a form with important information about the prospect, but you will also have the ability to score the lead. Scoring leads allows us to make essential optimizations to the account to ensure quality leads are coming in.

Learn More with ChoiceLocal

These are just a few of the benefits that PPC can provide care companies looking to improve their digital home care marketing strategies. There are plenty more, but those topics are for another blog on another day! This information shows that even if you are hesitant about opting into PPC due to the cost, it can be worth it for your business if you are good about contacting your leads and providing us with good feedback on said leads. ChoiceLocal is always here for our partners to ensure they have an effective home care marketing strategy. To learn more, contact our agency today to see how we can help grow your business.


Shawn is a paid advertising team lead at ChoiceLocal that specializes in Google ads, Bing ads, and programmatic display. Outside of work he enjoys playing volleyball and soccer, hiking, and exploring the local brewery/winery scene.

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