Keys to Success: Brand Awareness for Franchisees

Keys to Success: Brand Awareness for Franchisees

A good plan starts with a blueprint but implementing and executing it is what will, in turn, make it a success. A blueprint for franchise marketing is no different, and when it comes to dependable results, ChoiceLocal adheres to best practices to guide the way.

Best practices for franchise marketing can be broken down into two main avenues. The first is marketing for prospective franchisees, and the second is franchisees’ marketing for potential customers in the areas they serve. For the purpose of today’s topic, we will be examining the latter.

Know Your Band

Knowing your brand is going to be the key element in positioning it to those interested in your products or services. Your brand is what helps differentiate yourself from the competition and helps you connect with those interested in inquiring about business. 

In order to stay uniform, your brand must reflect that of the franchise. This begins with the name and logo, but also includes imaging, design, and of course, messaging. These elements encompass and promote brand awareness. 

No brand was built in a day, but staying consistent is a must in order to promote growth. A strong brand will maintain its consistency across the board and leave no doubts about what products or services are tied to your business and provided when a potential customer views your social media pages, ads, or website.

Without a strong brand, the authenticity of your business may suffer. There are several ways to build brand awareness, but we believe that happens best when adhering to a set of best practices.  

Building Brand Awareness

When building brand awareness, know where your potential customers are searching for you. Of course, having a great SEO strategy in place and ranking well on a search engine like Google is going to be top of mind, but where else can you build a presence?

Depending on your type of business, you may find social media to be very resourceful. Consistently pushing out branded content with calls to action could not only net leads but maintain another online presence to increase brand awareness. This will help legitimize your business, especially when using personalized content and gaining reviews. 

Speaking of reviews, this is another key element of raising your brand awareness and appearing authentic to new customers. According to 2021 data provided by Statista, nearly 70% of consumers read between one and six reviews before making a purchasing decision. 

Just think about it. The more recognizable and top of mind you are, the likelier you will be chosen over the competition.

Why This Matters

Building brand awareness goes beyond recognition and is often thought of as the first stage of the marketing funnel. It is needed to help your target demographic recall, understand, and become comfortable with your products and services. 

By creating that awareness, you’re already casting a wider net of potential buyers. Without building trust with potential customers, you will never get to lead them through the decision-making and eventual buying process. 

The advantages of investing in improving awareness strategies are plenty, including the upside of increased sales, scaling business, and brand perception. Is your brand informing and nurturing those most interested? If not, it may be time to sit down and strategize. 

About ChoiceLocal

ChoiceLocal is a franchise marketing agency that is dedicated to leading a purpose-driven business as the first and only franchise marketing agency with a money-back guarantee. This has led to successful partnerships with more than 50 franchise brands and a spot on Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies. The core values are driven not only by the digital marketing work that is done but reflected in each person that becomes a teammate. Teammates are volunteering in their local communities every quarter and making a difference to those around them. Named a top workplace for four years straight, ChoiceLocal is dedicated to making the lives of all those it’s involved with better.

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