Cleaning Companies Working With ChoiceLocal Get a Proven System That on Average Will Give You $17.88 in New Customer Revenue for Every $1 You Invest in Marketing With Us & Double Your Job Applicant Volume

Our Experience and Expertise

ChoiceLocal Is a Leading Agency for Digital Marketing Services In the Residental & Commercial Cleaning Industries.  We are so confident in our ability to drive business results for you that we ensure you will see a surge in search engine rankings, qualified leads, and job applicants in your first few months with us.
Today we work with leading residential and commercial cleaning franchise brands across North America, driving them and you as a partner of ours, dominance in your local market.

ChoiceLocal has learned a great deal about the cleaning services industry over the years. Our experience providing highly effective digital strategies for the nation’s leading cleaning companies means we’ve written the book on best practices for generating unique leads for you.  We understand how to harness the data we collect as we strive to accomplish your specific marketing objectives driving new repeat customers, move in and move out cleans, and the workforce to staff it. Nowadays, experience matters – and no marketing agency is better prepared to promote your cleaning business than ChoiceLocal.

Exceptional Results

Through various marketing strategies, ChoiceLocal assists business owners in attracting and converting prospects into consumers. We help you in locating individuals who are genuinely interested in purchasing your professional cleaning services. However, don’t just take our word for it; our results speak for themselves:

  • Clients, on average, get a 280 percent increase in new consumer inquiries.
  • Despite no long-term contracts, our team maintains a 96 percent yearly client retention rate.
  • The average cleaning company that invests in our marketing efforts generates $17.88 in new customer revenue for every dollar spent.

Personalized, Top-Notch Service

Years of experience have taught us that not all cleaning companies are created equal. Each customer is unique due to their size, market, demographics, client mix-goals, drive time between customers, recruiting landscape and competitors. Additionally, we understand that not every business owner has the financial means to invest in marketing. That is why we offer full-service and tailored solutions to cleaning businesses that want to grow but are unsure where to start. We assist business owners in increasing brand awareness, but most importantly qualified leads, and revenue through a custom-made marketing campaign. With ChoiceLocal, you can grow your business to new heights, recruit additional personnel, expand, and establish yourself as the industry leader in your area.


Our primary objective is to serve our partners. They are the ones who inspire us to deliver tangible results and enable us to fulfill our purpose of assisting others. We’ve attracted some attention along the road. Of course, we are not seeking recognition, but we are thrilled and happy to have received a few.

  • Partner and Supporter of Cleaning for a Reason
  • Cleveland’s Best Workplace 4 years running (2018 – 2021) – Employees were asked regarding business culture and the other 15 elements that contribute to a firm’s success based on feedback from a third party.
  • Best SEO Experts in Cleveland (2020) – Expertise evaluated Cleveland-area marketing firms on more than 25 variables before compiling a hand-picked list of the finest digital marketing agencies in search engine optimization.
  • Northcoast 99 (2019 and 2018) – This annual program recognizes the most outstanding workplaces for top talent through a rigorous selection procedure.
  • Member of the IFA

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