How to Utilize Digital Marketing Strategies During an Economic Crisis

Digital Marketing Strategies to Try When You Are Losing Money

By Merideth Dushkoff
The year 2020 has unexpectedly left thousands of small businesses in the red and in desperate need of new marketing strategies to bounce back. If this year caught you off guard without a strategic marketing plan in place, know that you are not alone; it is not too late to focus on a new marketing strategy to kickstart your revenue increase.

It may be surprising, but marketing does not always have to be complicated or expensive. If you are struggling and need to get in front of your target audience, try out these three strategies.

Contact Your Customers Where They Are Everyday — Their Inbox

Marketing is about getting your business in front of your target audience so that when they need something that you provide, they think of you first. Email marketing is an essential and personal way of reaching your target customers. If you are not already engaging with your customers on a regular basis via email, you could be missing out on a major opportunity. It is easy, effective, and inexpensive. Email marketing allows business owners to reach a large number of consumers at a rate of mere pennies per message.

Did you know that at least 99% of consumers check their email on a daily basis? That cannot be said of any other communication channel. Stay top of mind in their inbox by communicating new ways your business can serve them on a regular basis and include compelling and clickable calls-to-action to your campaigns.

Focus Retargeting Campaigns with Existing Clients

Invest in a series of brand awareness advertisements using social media platforms and Google AdWords. Focus your social media marketing on a retargeting campaign directed toward your existing clients and another campaign for individuals whose profiles might match your existing clients.

By connecting with clients via email and various platforms, you can start to gain more visibility for your brand. Visibility, when paired with the right communication, can be the difference in a customer choosing you over your competitor.

Share Frequently and Educate Your Customers

When you do not stick to a content schedule as a small business, your digital silence can become deafening and, unfortunately, your customers will notice. When it comes to different types of online marketing strategies, there are a few inexpensive options to try out.


Newsletters are a great way to get the attention of new and existing customers. They can also help keep your business top of mind. Recurring newsletters help you get in front of your customers regularly and subtly reminds them of how you can help them and solve a specific problem they may have. The format and frequency of your newsletter will depend on your audience. Consider sharing resources that touch on the needs of your existing and potential clients. Include case studies on successful projects to help bring attention to new offerings.

Social Media Posts

On social media, focus on sharing educational content, such as informational blogs, infographics, and videos. This will help build trust with your audience and position yourself and your business as an authority in your field. Savable, shareable social content in a long-written format is rewarded by social platforms by making your posts more visible.

Citing figures from the Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 trends report, Robin Barendsen, head of digital marketing at office space rental company We Have Anyspace, noted 77% of B2B marketers use content marketing:

“The majority of B2B content marketers use educational assets to nurture leads and build audience trust, which is absolutely essential for inbound marketing,” he said.

About the Author

Merideth Dushkoff is a Marketing Automation Specialist at ChoiceLocal. She is a lover of makeup, guacamole (she’s fine with it being extra), West Virginia University sports, and trying new coffee shops.

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