Local Marketing: My Website Is Perfect, So Why Do I Need New Content?

local marketing web contentWhether it’s home care marketing or local marketing for any other product, sometimes it would be nice to rest on your laurels and let all the hard work you have done on your company website play itself out, simply watching new leads pour in and having business take off.  Unfortunately, efforts to bring new traffic to your website really are never over.  Even if you think everything is perfect and there is nothing more to say, you will want to continue to generate new content for your website on a regular basis for a number of reasons.

People who come to your website like to see new things.  If they know you post good content, they are more likely to keep coming back.  And if they keep coming back, they are more likely to buy and use your products and services.  If you sell a product or service that has a long sales cycle, such as home care services often do, the buyer may visit a site many times before making a purchase.  You want to make sure they keep returning to your website, not a competitor’s site.

New content will bring people to your website that might not otherwise visit.  If you post great information that people are searching for on the internet, people may come to your website looking for answers.  When they find information that is helpful to them, you are building their trust and confidence in your company and services.

The search engines like new content and will likely reward you in your search engine rankings.  When you post new content, especially if it is posted regularly and consistently, Google and other search engines know that your website is alive, well and being tended to on a regular basis. This will attract Google’s and Bing’s attention and help you move up in the rankings on their search engines.  The higher you are in the search rankings, the more likely someone is to see and click on the link to your website.  If your website does not come up on the first page of search results, only a few people will even go to pages two, three or four to see what came up.  If they do not even see your site, there is no way they are going to choose your site.  That is one of the main reasons that adding fresh, new content to your site on a regular basis is important.

When it comes to adding fresh content, not all content addition is equal.  Creating quality, non-duplicative content on a regular basis is important.

Non-duplicative content: If you are a franchise and your parent company provides suggested content, it may be tempting to use it as is.  But if they provided the same content to all of their other franchises, you will likely want to rewrite it, not only to make it your own but so that you will not be penalized by the search engines for including the same exact content as is posted on other franchise websites.

Quality content: Having good, high quality content is important because if it is not helpful information, not only will no one read it, but no one will share it with others.  Having content shared on social media is a powerful way to expand your contacts and bring in business.  The fact that having high quality content and good social media sharing also contributes to search engine rankings may be even more important to bringing in new business.

Quantity of new content: Changing one word on a page, especially if it’s not a keyword that you are optimizing for, is unlikely to make a search engine move you to the top of the list.  But making substantive changes in proportion to the amount of text on the website can make the search engines happy, boosting your rankings.

Frequency of new content additions: Ideally, getting on a weekly schedule to add new content to your website is important.  Adding a new blog post on a relevant topic each week can get you in the habit of making regular additions to your site.

The type of content changed: Changes to your homepage text are probably going to be more important to the search engines than changes to content buried in the footers of obscure pages deep within your website.

Importance of creating new pages: Creating entirely new pages is a way to expand your site and helps build search engine rankings.

So, as nice as it would be to “finish” your website and forget it, in today’s highly competitive, ever-changing online marketplace, creating new content and reviewing and optimizing the content on your website is a never ending task.  If it seems too overwhelming to do on your own, Choice Local Marketing is ready and waiting to help you do it every step of the way.

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