Utilizing Social Media in Local Marketing Strategy

social media for local marketingI don’t really “do” social media, so why should my business?

If you started your business before the dawn of social media and don’t really understand the difference between a Twitter tweet and a Facebook share, you might be reluctant to bring your business into the age of social media.  Yet, in the age of Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, simply having a website with great content isn’t enough.  If your website doesn’t make it easy for people to share your content on social media, you are likely missing opportunities to bring in clients and expand your business.

A very basic explanation of why social media is important to local marketing strategy for getting customers and building your business goes something like this:

Social media allows the content on your website to be shared with others.


By others sharing your content on social media, people see it that wouldn’t normally see it.  This may be because they don’t know about you or otherwise don’t know to go to your website.

When they see your content, people that ordinarily wouldn’t see your content may visit your website, bringing increased traffic to your page.


In addition, if your content is good, people that ordinarily wouldn’t see your content might share your content with others on social media.


Then, additional people that ordinarily wouldn’t see your content see the content that was shared by the first round of people that wouldn’t ordinarily see your content.  Then those people might share your content with even more people and/or go to your website, increasing traffic to your website even more. And on and on and on…..all resulting in increased traffic to your website.

Increased traffic to your website brings increased opportunities for leads and sales.


Increased traffic and social media sharing, liking, twittering etc. brings increased search engine rankings.

Increased search engine rankings for your webpages bring increased traffic to your website

Increased traffic to your website bring increased opportunities for leads and sales

Increased leads and sales leads to increased business, increased sales of products and services, increased profits, expanding business opportunities, and happier employees and owners.

If you have stayed with us through this basic progression, you have probably seen that there is an opportunity for a lot of other people to find out about your company and your services through social media.  If you are still feeling social media–phobic but see the potential benefits of using it in your local marketing strategy, contact Choice Local Marketing and we will be happy to answer your questions.  Even better, ChoiceLocal can actually implement simple changes for you so that you can begin to reap the benefits of social media for your business.

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