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At ChoiceLocal, our mission is to help others while providing amazing customer service coupled with industry leading digital and franchise marketing. These are the motivating factors that drive us to help your business succeed.

Small businesses and franchises need help getting noticed in local markets where the eyes of their customers and clients are – the internet. ChoiceLocal provides the tools your business needs for digital marketing success alongside our promise of amazing customer service to make sure your business gets in front of the people who want and need your services.
ChoiceLocal’s franchise marketing strategies can help you:

  • Increase organic and paid traffic to your website
  • Drive leads and calls to your business
  • Improve business close rates
  • Recruit and hire more qualified employees
  • Dominate your local market

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ChoiceLocal can help you achieve all of the above by developing and deploying proven franchise marketing methods that incorporate best practices in:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Performance Tracking and Accountability
  • Lead Capture and Closing Strategies
  • Talent Recruiting and Hiring

A combination of these digital marketing strategies will help your business improve ROI (our all company average ROI is $15.54 for every $1 spent), increase the number of leads closed on a monthly basis by 22% and improve talent recruiting and hiring efforts to accommodate additional business demands.

As a component to ChoiceLocal’s mission to help others, 10% of our profits are donated to the Benjamin Isaac Foundation, a charity founded by ChoiceLocal owners, Joe and Becky Soltis, which works to help children in need by providing nutrition, healthcare, education, safety, love and faith to kids around the world.

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