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Concrete Contractors Get a Proven System from ChoiceLocal That on Average Will Give You $17.90 in New Customer Revenue for Every $1 You Invest in Marketing With Us

Concrete Contractors that work with ChoiceLocal get a proven system from ChoiceLocal that on average will give you $17.90 in new customer revenue for every $1 you invest in marketing with us.

  • We can give you the freedom to say goodbye to lead aggregators.
  • We can give you the freedom to say goodbye to bidding wars over a lead that you paid for but was sold to 2-3 of your competitors.
  • We can give you the freedom to grow your business in a big way, both in the busy and slow seasons.
  • In addition, we can give you the skilled and unskilled laborers you need to keep up with the business growth we will drive for you.
  • And we can do it at a reasonable price that gives you a big ROI.

ChoiceLocal has been specializing in serving small businesses in home improvement since 2014. We have perfected our methods for serving business owners and contractors driving exclusive online leads that close at a high rate. In addition, we give business owners and contractors across the United States and Canada – just like you – the tools they need to easily and quickly manage – and close – all of their leads. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the busy summer or slower winter season. Our numbers back up our success with business owners like you.

The Average Concrete Business Owner That Works With Us Gets:

  • A 282% increase in new customer inquiries.
  • $17.90 in new customer revenue for every dollar they invest in marketing with us.
  • A doubling in job applicant volume and a cost per job applicant ½ of what they are paying prior to working with ChoiceLocal while maintaining or improving hiring rates.

In addition, ChoiceLocal serves you and serves you well. We have incredible loyalty because we deliver for business owners like you. We have a 96% annualized client retention rate, despite no long-term contracts.

We have grown hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses and contractors. Today, we are running strategic marketing campaigns for hundreds and hundreds of business owners, just like yourself, across the United States and Canada. We have become so proficient at cost-effectively recruiting skilled and unskilled labor – and driving exclusive leads that close well and close big – that major franchise systems have made us a recommended agency to serve several hundred business owners within their franchise systems.

With ChoiceLocal, you will be treated with the amazing customer service and results that major national brands have come to expect from their marketing partners, but you will get it at a small business price and without long-term contracts.

For Business Owners and Contractors Like Yourself, We Provide the Following Growth Engines:


We provide you with a reliable and high ROI, lead generation, and sales engine with hard proof of the actual ROI and performance of every aspect of their digital marketing and sales campaigns.


We provide you with a reliable and high-quality recruiting solution that continues to drive new skilled and unskilled labor to your concrete business. 


We provide you with amazing customer service. You can call and email your Account Executive at any time. However, we ask that if you do choose to work with us that you agree to meet with our team monthly to talk growth strategy on a city-by-city level, review results, review the work we’ve done, and then you will bless everything that we commit to doing to move you forward in the next 30-days. This meeting is fast, easy, and efficient but you are in the driver’s seat with our solid team behind you. We have your back.


We can provide you with a simple lead management system (also known as a CRM) for all lead and revenue data to enter. When we built this CRM, our goal when we built was to offer it for free to our concrete contractor partners, but also to make it easy to manage. You’ll love to discover that you can easily monitor it on your phone, on a job, or in your truck for 5 minutes between job sites.

Get started with ChoiceLocal today.

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