Improve Your Franchise’s Close Rates By Up to 22%, Drive Review Growth With Ease and Super Charge Referral and Word of Mouth Sales

Let’s start with some quick definitions:

Marketing Automation (noun)

The use of targeted, automated, 1:1 highly-personalized email marketing to improve close rates and average customer revenue while using advanced tracking and automated rules, also known as lead scoring, to determine which of your prospects are highly likely to become customers.

SMS (noun)

Text messaging.

How ChoiceLocal Utilizes Marketing Automation and SMS Marketing

At ChoiceLocal, we combine the best of Marketing Automation and SMS marketing tactics to create one unified ecosystem that can improve close rates by up to 22%, drive a strong flow of five-star reviews online with relative ease, while at the same time, improving your average customer size and driving increases in referral and word of mouth sales.

In short, here is how this franchise marketing ecosystem operates with our Marketing Automation and SMS capabilities:

Step 1:

Highly targeted and highly localized digital marketing is executed.

Step 2:

A lot of leads for your franchise are generated.

Step 3:

Those leads can be entered into a customer relationship management (CRM) system that we give you, or that you already have and are using.

Step 4:

We build a series of automated email and text nurturing campaigns that are dynamically tailored to your prospective customers based on the date they became a lead, their stage in your sales cycle, what they are interested in, what emails and pages of your website they have read, and how much interest they are showing.  The way we can set this up, your sales prospect could receive hundreds of various variations of email and text messaging at any given point in time but in reality will receive one perfectly targeted message for what they are interested in. This ensures your message is delivered at just the right time.  In addition, we can score all leads for you and tell you if someone is highly likely to sign-up as a customer at that moment, even if you have not talked to them in six months.  This key step is a big part of the reason these types of programs can help to improve close rates by as much as 22%.

Step 5:

Once a prospect becomes a customer, we can trigger messages to them via email and text to ensure they know what is going on with your company, have them complete net promoter score (NPS) surveys. NPS surveys can let you know how happy customers are with your service and how employees are performing.  Happy customers can be asked to leave reviews online and send referrals over to you with simple low-cost incentives. All customers can be educated via the messaging on your full offerings and reminded about your brand and how your company can help.  This will increase your average customer size and frequency beautifully.

These five steps can be complicated to build, yet we make it simple and turn-key for you.  We ensure that you will get the most out of every lead and every customer while making sure everyone is happy along the way.

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