Hit Your Ideal Customer with the Right Message, at the Right Place and at the Right Time

In a world of unlimited data and smartphones, the ability to do super high-value, targeted 1:1 marketing for your franchise is absolutely mind-blowing.

Here Are Some Examples of How Targeted We Can Get for You

Do You Own a Home Care Franchise?

We can do targeted advertisements to individuals that have a high average household income, are between the ages of 45 and 85, are in your territory, frequent a nursing home, an assisted living center, and have just started frequenting an area around a hospital. The ability for us to drive huge increases to your business and reach 10,000 ideal clients in your territory with this approach is amazing.

Do You Own a Quick-Service Restaurant Franchise That Happens to Serve Healthy Food?

We can identify individuals who live or work within 5 miles of your restaurant location, have an interest in healthy eating, organic foods, healthy foods, who shop at grocery stores such as Whole Foods, and eat at other direct competitors of yours.  We can then track if they come into your restaurant after seeing one of your advertisements.

This type of super detailed targeting can be applied with great success to any franchise in any franchise system.

How Can ChoiceLocal Target People with Super Relevant Advertisements Based On Just About Anything, Including Where They Go?

In short, everything anyone does on a device can be tracked. We don’t track down to the level John Smith went to X, Y, and Z as that would be frankly – creepy. Yet, we can track what certain cell phones did, and based on what that cell phone allowed us and our partners to have access to we can see what type of interests a person has based on where they go with their cell phone.  Every time, a phone user allows an App to have access to their location data – we have a better ability to give them what they want when they want it.  With this setup, the consumer wins as they get an advertisement that legitimately helps them and gives them what they want when they want it, and you, the franchisee, wins because you get a marketing channel to deliver a super high return on investment that grows your business.

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