Remarketing Gives You Website Visitors That Are 300% More Likely to Convert

Have you ever gone to a website only to have advertisements for that company, or even a specific offering from that company, that you were interested in appearing to you frequently as you were browsing the internet for the next few weeks? This is a powerful marketing practice known as remarketing and it is one of the most effective ways to gain new and repeating business.

When ChoiceLocal Is Running Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing or Mobile Display Advertisements for Your Business – Remarketing Is Included for Free

We include remarketing because it is such a powerful way for you to make your brand well known with your ideal customers.  When we execute a remarketing campaign for you, we are marketing to people who are 300% more likely to become a qualified lead than your average website visitor.  This is something that is very lucrative for your franchise in driving qualified leads, sales and, if your franchise wants foot traffic, this will also work effectively to drive customers into your location as well.

How a Remarketing Campaign Works

Essentially this is how a very powerful remarketing campaign can be executed for your franchise:

Step 1:

We will drive super targeted website traffic to your website and other digital properties, such as your social media pages.  This targeting should be done via a combination of strategies that are only driving your ideal customer to your website. This customer must be a customer that would want to make a purchase from you, in accordance with the contract you have with your franchisor.  In other words, ideal customers need to be ready, willing, and able to purchase from you and be within your territory.

Step 2:

Our team can monitor which page on your website or digital media properties this person goes to.  If this person does not convert into a lead, call or walk-in appointment (yes, we can track that too!), we can then serve up targeted display advertisements to them based on what they specifically are interested in that you offer, or what their pain point is.

Step 3:

We can then market your specific franchise, and your specific landing pages, to this unconverted customer with a targeted offering, display advertisement, and landing page. 

One of the Best Benefits of Remarketing

Almost all of these remarketing display advertisements are free with almost all providers we use. Your only cost is some clicks on that advertisement. The cost per click is typically between $0.40 and $0.90 and that person will be 300% more likely to convert into a lead the second time they come back to your website.

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