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ChoiceLocal has been specializing in serving franchise systems since 2014. During this time, we have perfected our methods for serving both the franchisee and the franchisor in a franchise system. We are now doing this across almost 50 different franchise systems.

For Franchisors, We Provide the Following Growth Engines

We personalize a growth plan which caters to your exact needs.


We provide franchisors and franchisees with a reliable and high ROI, lead generation and sales engine. It offers hard proof on the actual ROI and performance of every aspect of their digital marketing and sales campaigns.


We provide franchisors and franchisees with a reliable and high-quality recruiting solution that continues to drive new talent to their business. 


We provide franchisors and franchisees with amazing customer service, which is so important it’s one of our company’s core values. On the franchisor level we will work with you to align on brand standards, the national growth strategy and the key areas in which the home office wants to have communicated and implemented. This helps franchisees find success and offers KPI and marketing integration into the financial performance of home office – and each franchisee. 

On the franchisee level, we can set up our partnership with truly amazing customer service for your franchisees. In most franchise systems we work with, we enjoy having monthly meetings with each franchisee. We act as the first line of service and defense for the home office. During those meetings we’ll talk about:

  • Customer acquisition and recruiting strategy on a zip code by zip code level.
  • Review results through their results dashboard with a focus on qualified lead growth and closed business growth.
  • Your franchisees will review the work we have done so they can see, feel and touch the results.
  • We’ll give a commitment in writing of everything we’ll do in the next 30 days. 

In these meetings we remain focused on serving your franchisees with our brand promise of amazing customer service and results – and – support the work, priorities and growth initiatives of the home office. This setup enables us to build a beautiful synergy between franchisor, franchisee and ChoiceLocal – the mutual growth partner of all parties.  

The Days of Questioning the Value, Work, and Results of Your Franchise System’s Marketing Will Rapidly Come to a Close. But Don’t Take Our Word for It – We Have Over 50 Franchise Systems as References That Will Tell You the Same Thing. 

We can further back this up with ChoiceLocal’s:

  • 96% annualized client retention rate, despite no long-term contracts.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) that outperforms 98% of all major brands – by huge margins.
  • History that the average franchisee partner gets $15.54 in new customer revenue for every $1 spent with us.
  • Assurance that we’ve never lost the recommended agency status from a franchisor once we gained it.

In addition, we can provide the franchisor and each franchisee with a CRM for all lead and revenue data to go into – OR – we can automatically put lead data into your existing CRM as we have done across many franchise systems and into many different CRM’s. We then pull our ROI and performance data from your CRM and put it into our marketing dashboards. We can setup these dashboards on the franchisor level to showcase, roll up reports for the entire network, certain regions for your business coaches/regional directors as well as custom views for different roles (Ops, Marketing, Franchise Development, etc.).

Lastly, we mix a reliable and high ROI, lead generation and sales engine. It includes recruiting efforts alongside our monthly strategy meetings and ROI-centric reporting. We are able to proactively load balance your network’s new customer growth and talent growth needs with the plan of leaving your business in constant growth mode.

Customize the Capabilities We Bring to the Table

It’s not essential to employ every growth solution with us – simply pick and choose. Yet, you are welcome to partner with us in every capability to create one turnkey growth engine for all aspects of your franchise system.

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