8.5 Out of 10 Consumers Said They Trust Online Reviews as Much as a Personal Recommendation

As a franchise system don’t you love those hot/pre-closed leads that come in through word of mouth/referral?  When someone calls you up and says, “My friend Tammy told me you guys are just fantastic, so I am calling you and I think I want to sign-up with you.” You can feel pride in knowing your company did a great job and you feel the joy in the reward of knowing that you are about to close a new customer very easily, because of the strength of that referral.

The Power of Online Reviews

Online reviews are 85% as powerful as personal recommendations in giving prospective customers confidence in your business.  So as a franchisor who wants to help their franchisees grow their business on a local level, you must pay attention to the local online reputation while driving new and strong reviews for each franchisee – continually. The goal is to keep each franchisee in your system within the statistically proven sweet spot, to get more leads per brand impression, of 4.7 to 4.9 stars out of 5.  If a specific franchisee is below that 4.7 to 4.9 range, this will cause people who would otherwise become their customers to go signup with one of the local competitors.

Our Reputation Management System

At ChoiceLocal, we have developed a system using a combination of email marketing and text messaging to your existing customers that will do the following for you as a franchise system on a local level:

Identify Your Franchisees’ Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

We will identify your franchisees’ NPSs, which is the most powerful universal leading indicator of success that top brands use religiously to optimize their business. NPS measures your customer loyalty and enthusiasm.  With our reputation management solutions, we can tell you:

  • Which of your customers are raving fans and which ones are not and why
  • Which of your employees are doing a great job and which ones are not and why
  • How your customer satisfaction/NPS is trending compared to your historical norms and compared to the rest of the franchise network

Bring in More Five-Star Reviews

We will drive new five-star reviews to your franchise system continually through a proven series of event-based text messages and email messages.

Keep Negative Reviews to Internal Messaging Forms

Our team can help drive bad reviews to internal messaging forms instead of public sites, in a review site complaint manner, so that you can head off many issues with upset customers internally before those issues become public.

Reputation Monitoring

ChoiceLocal will monitor franchisees’ reputation across many review sites in real time and respond to all reviews in a fast manner.

Remove Negative Reviews

ChoiceLocal will remove negative reviews from review sites that violate their Acceptable Use Policy (employee reviews, harassing reviews, provably libelous reviews, etc.).

Cost-Effective Incentive Programs

Automated text messaging and emails will be sent to happy customers with simple and cost-effective incentives to refer other customers to you increasing your referral and word of mouth sales.

Bring In Repeating Business

Automated text messaging and emails will be sent to happy customers to turn them into return customers and larger customers.

This all-encompassing system can give your brand as a whole a great and fresh online reputation, improve close rates, give you more leads and customers, improve your customer and employee retention, increase your number of repeat customers, increase your average customer value, and increase your referral and word of mouth business.

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