How Reputation and Review Management Can Help You Increase Employee Retention 

Do you ever wonder what your employees think of your franchisees? With ChoiceLocal’s Review & Retain program, you can gather information directly from your franchisees’ employees that can help their business adapt and grow. Understanding reviews and employee feedback is the key to increasing employee retention.

ChoiceLocal’s Review and Retain solution is a reputation management and review management service that taps into information gathered directly from your franchisees’ employees. It helps your franchise network adapt, respond to feedback, and capitalize on strong performance more effectively.

The Basics of Review and Retain 

ChoiceLocal’s Review and Retain service uses text messages to send all your franchisee’s employees automated check-ins. We then calculate their responses to create a Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS will give franchisors and franchisees a better understanding of how employees interact with your brand and how they perceive you. This data can also help your team decide what they can do to improve their business.

The employees who give your business a high rating are given the chance to explain their reasoning. This can help bring a franchisee’s happiest employees to the foreground and show them what they are succeeding at as an employer.

Our program will also show which employees are more likely to leave and why they are at risk of leaving. This information can guide your team on how to increase their NPS by fixing the matters that they list, which can then help improve employee retention rates.

ChoiceLocal Review & Retain Service Offers the Following:

  • Strategy for improving the experience of your employees
  • Feedback tracking
  • Monthly text survey for employees
  • Current review notifications
  • Information on NPS
  • Customized survey questions

The Proof Is in the Numbers

To visualize our employee retention benefits with Review and Retain, we wanted to showcase one of our successes! A partner of ours was struggling with how he can improve employee retention within his franchise, so we dug into his workers’ most prominent pain points and came up with a simple and cost-effective solution. In his surveys, many employees stated they wanted better office communication, more comfortable uniforms, and higher wages. With these suggestions, he was able to implement laxer uniform requirements, improve office communication, and create a bonus plan of $25 per five-star review generated incentive program. These three easy changes made his retention rate skyrocket and upped his employee NPS score from -20 to 80!

Not only did his retention rate increase by ten percent (in an industry that historically has had 60 percent employee turnover year-over-year), his business received 70 new five-star reviews over eight months which improved his business’s closing rate by eight percent.


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