Have All Your Data in One Place with ChoiceLocal’s Customer Relationship Management System

If you are looking to monitor the financial performance of your franchise brand, look no further than the ChoiceFinance Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Our CRM is a valuable tool that can allow businesses to invest in strategies that work and pull out of strategies that don’t. At ChoiceLocal, our CRM system makes it possible for franchisors to analyze the financial performance of their franchisees by highlighting expenses, profit, and return on investment.  Already have a CRM System in place and need help getting more out of it?  We can help there too.

One Place for All Your Financial Data

At ChoiceLocal, our CRM system implementation lets franchisees view everything they are spending money on, including marketing expenses, sales, the resulting revenue, profit, and return on investment. Our CRM is a leading management system that allows franchise systems to finally see all their financial data in one place.

 Our CRM will automatically:

  •     Synchronize with all online sources for leads
  •     Make tasks that are triggered based on lead status changes
  •     Assign leads to the correct team member
  •     Push leads into management software solutions such as Clearcare and ERSP

Customized to Fit Your Franchise Network

Our CRM is designed to fit the needs of your franchise brand. Our CRM system can support one user, multiple users, or even multiple teams. Partners can personalize their CRM to fit their preferences and their business and will have access to detailed reports with close rates by lead members and lead source. By getting a feel of each franchisees’ lead processes, we can figure out what investments are working, and what is not.

Getting Started With ChoiceLocal

ChoiceLocal is a leading digital marketing agency and has over seven years of experience working in the franchise industries. Our team is constantly coming up with new marketing practices that will enable your franchise system to dominate the national and local market. To learn more about how ChoiceLocal can help your franchisees grow, contact us today.

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