ChoiceLocal Offers Paid Search Options to Franchise Networks

At ChoiceLocal, our experts specialize in bringing in leads for franchise networks with Pay Per Click (PPC). This can be an overwhelming task for franchisors to undertake, however, our experts can offer Pay Per Click services that make it easy for your franchisees to reach new customers.

What Is Paid Search?

With paid search, franchise brands can get their advertisements to show up on the top of the result pages of search engines. At ChoiceLocal, we use a pay-per-click model, meaning the advertisers only pay when someone clicks on their ad. This marketing tool makes it possible for your brand to be the first thing someone sees when searching for the services or products you provide.

Real Paid Search Strategies That Work

At ChoiceLocal, our Pay Per Click services are tried and true. Our strategies work so well because we use a hyper-localized approach to marketing. This means that we focus on each franchise location separately to the benefit of the entire franchise brand.

Our team has created a long list of services for our PPC program that are guaranteed to provide amazing results. These services include:

  •     Local Services Ads (Google LSAs) management and support
  •     Help finding new customers
  •     Assistance with employee recruitment
  •     Adding search advertisements on Google Maps
  •     Geo-targeting (targeted zip/city to local territory)
  •     Follow brand voice guidelines
  •     Google and Bing “Based on Recommendation”
  •     Mining search term reports for negative keywords and new keywords
  •     Account analysis across brand and industry
  •     Audience optimization and creation
  •     Call tracking
  •     Transparent and customized reporting
  •     Custom landing page URL with localized information
  •     Landing page testing
  •     Landing page focused on CRO
  •     Mobile-friendly landing pages
  •     Ad extensions and ad copy testing
  •     Ad extensions and ad copy creation across all available search ad formats & any extension that is relevant
  •     Budget management
  •     Bid modifiers
  •     Account bidding and optimization
  •     Google Display Remarketing ads
  •     Remarketing code implementation
  •     Conversion code(s) implementation
  •     Account structure and build
  •     Keyword research

Choosing ChoiceLocal

When you decide to work with ChoiceLocal for online marketing, you become more than our client, you become our partner. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, and our team is always trying to help our partners reach their goals. For every $1 our partners invest in our marketing strategies, they receive $15.54 in return, and 10% of our profits go to the Benjamin Isaac Foundation to help children in need.

Our Services

When it comes to marketing, it is important to use multiple marketing strategies. ChoiceLocal offers many more services that can be utilized along with our paid search program. Our services include:

ChoiceLocal has over seven years of experience working with franchise industries and is one of the top digital marketing agencies for franchise networks. Our team works diligently to come up with ahead-of-the-curve marketing strategies that help our clients dominate their industries. If you are ready to grow your franchise brand with new marketing strategies, click below.

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