ChoiceLocal Offers Marketing Analytics and Automated Reporting to Franchise Systems

At ChoiceLocal, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that our partners see the wealth of benefits we offer with our internet marketing strategies. To prove this, we provide monthly detailed reports of marketing analytics, set new goals, and create strategies to help your franchise network handle new growth. Our extreme level of transparency makes our reports easy to understand while giving you insight into everything you need to know: website traffic, local search engine rankings, ROI, program revenue, calls generated, leads, and key metrics of your program.

Monthly Reporting

When you work with ChoiceLocal, you will receive a monthly report which dives deep into where your leads are coming from. We will create roll-up reports for the franchisor with different views depending on if someone is a CMO,  Marketing Manager, VP of Franchise Development, VP of Operations, business coach, a franchisee or a multi-unit franchisee.  Our software allows us to analyze the marketing process and provide your franchisees with the tools they need to survive in the industry. We also provide monthly one-on-one meetings to talk about concerns or changes in their marketing strategy.

Return on Investment

At ChoiceLocal, we focus on a personalized and hyper-localized approach to marketing. On average, our partners receive $15.54 for every $1 they invest with us. ChoiceLocal also donates 10% of our profits to the Benjamin Isaac Foundation to help children in need. It is our goal to help 10,000 children every year.

ChoiceLocal is a leading digital marketing agency that has more than seven years of experience in the franchise industry. Our team is constantly working to develop marketing strategies that are ahead-of-the-curve so that your franchise network can dominate the industry. To learn more about how ChoiceLocal can help grow your brand, click below.


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