We Improve Quality Lead Flow of Potential Franchisees, Improve Close Rates are Get Results

We will look at your franchise development needs and identify all open territory you want to sell.  Then we will give you a marketing plan across all marketing channels, with an expected result in leads, new franchisees, cost per lead, royalties and ROI by territory, by marketing channel.  Then, based on your budget, the size of your sales force, and your needs, we will give you a final marketing strategy and execute to the results we promised.  We will back it all up with The ChoiceLocal Guarantee. 

Components of Our Franchise Development Strategy:

  • Search Engine Optimization – we will optimize sites to industry best practices to get your brand to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Pay Per Click – we can get ads to show up in SERPs through our paid search methods and help only qualified franchisees find you.
  • Social Media Marketing – we will help build, engage, and monetize target audiences on social media platforms and generate hard leads for you with provable ROI.
  • Remarketing – we will market to people who are 300% more likely to become a qualified franchisee lead compared to the average website visitor
  • Targeted Display & Mobile Advertising – we use a highly-targeted approach that will hit ideal customers with the right message, at the right time and at right place
  • Marketing Automation & SMS Marketing – we create a unified ecosystem that can improve close rates by up to 22%, drive a strong flow of five-star reviews, and improve franchise performance.
  • Customer Relationship Management System – our lead management system integration will help make lead follow up easier, faster, better and more accountable.
  • Automated Reporting – we offer easy-to-understand, robust reporting that shows you everything you need to know, both on a national and local level and integrate it into sales and financial performance.
  • Reputation Management – we have developed a system using a combination of email and text messaging marketing to increase positive reviews and steer away negative reviews, while letting you know Net Promoter Score of your sales prospects and existing franchisees.   This will also help improve franchisee retention.
  • Financial Integration into Marketing – we will integrate our marketing efforts with your sales efforts on a local and national level to ensure your franchise system is getting the value you deserve

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