Core Values

Core Values That Set Us Apart

Our mission at ChoiceLocal is to help others.  This starts with having a great team of A+ teammates who come into work every day and give it their all and are oozing talent out of every pore.  In order to become part of the ChoiceLocal team and serve ChoiceLocal clients these core values must be part of who you are and how you think.

Integrity In All Things

We always tell the truth even if it is hard or makes us look bad.

Amazing Customer Service

Just doing a good job sucks.  We must exceed our clients’ expectations and do things above and beyond the call of duty to help our clients grow their business and have fun in life.  We sincerely care about our clients’ success as well as their personal happiness and well being.

Everyone A Leader

If you see an opportunity for something to be better – make it better.  Don’t just think about it or talk about it.  Take the action that is needed to make our company a better place that does the maximum amount of good for our clients, our employees, the kids who we help through our giving and actions, and our shareholders.  We are servant leaders.  We put others interests before our own. We want to advance our careers but only if we only help others in doing so. We are humble.

Candor With Goodwill

If we can talk about it we can fix it.  We need to be open and honest with each other.  We don’t side step around problems and opportunities.  We address them head on.  All of our candor must have the goodwill of all stakeholders at its heart.  We never talk about people behind their back.  We talk directly to them about opportunities for growth and improvement and we help them come to the full utilization of their God-given talent.


We give 10% of our profits to help kids in need.  We give fully and totally of ourselves to help our clients succeed.  We give fully and totally of ourselves to help our teammates succeed.  We do little and wonderful things that just aren’t expected simply because we care.


There are times when we will have to put in long hours and burn the midnight oil to rise to an occasion’s unique needs.  Yet, we also care about our teammates and their well-being, their family, and a healthy work-life balance.  We hold each other to very high standards of excellence but we care about everyone’s well being at the same time.

At ChoiceLocal, this is who we are.

ChoiceLocal: Help Others

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