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When partnering with ChoiceLocal, you work with a team of individuals who genuinely care about the success of their partners and the community around them.

ChoiceLocal is a digital marketing agency that was founded after owner and CEO, Joe Soltis, and his wife, Becky, went through the tragic loss of losing their child late into pregnancy. To honor their late son, both of them decided that they wanted to live a purpose-driven life of helping others.

Joe founded ChoiceLocal in 2015 with the sole mission of helping others. A one-man show soon grew into the full-blown agency it is today – with a team of 70 individuals that share the same passion and dedication to helping those in need.

Our Core Values

ChoiceLocal is very proud of the culture we have cultivated over the past five years. We have been able to truly create a family amongst our team living by core values Joe founded back in 2015.

Integrity in All Things

Our team is encouraged to show integrity – even when it makes us look bad. No one is perfect and we remind ourselves that mistakes can happen, but it is important to always be upfront about them so we can figure out a resolution.

Amazing Customer Service

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients – doing just a good job isn’t enough. We strive to help our partners grow and meet their professional and personal goals. One of the things our team is most proud of is having an average of $15.54 for every $1 a partner invests in marketing with us.

Everyone a Leader

When it comes to getting the job done, our team is on it. Every quarter everyone on our team comes up with at least two tests to ensure that we are always on top of our marketing strategies. We believe that as leaders in this industry, we should put others’ interests before our own. This means helping teammates when they are in need and being a resource to our partners.

Candor with Goodwill

Part of being a team is being honest with one another – if we can talk about it, we can fix it. We never sidestep a problem nor do we ignore opportunities to better ourselves. We handle situations head-on and are always upfront with our partners about their growth and improvement.


We understand that the marketing world can be one that is fast-paced and often overwhelming. At ChoiceLocal, we do our best to ensure that our team can focus on their family, health, and well-being by creating a healthy work-life balance.


ChoiceLocal was founded on our mission to help others. We do more than just help our partners grow their business, we help our community, as well. ChoiceLocal has collaborated with many charities – like Habitat for Humanity, Mary’s Meals, Water First, and Cornerstone of Hope – in the past five years to help better the world around us. 

The Benjamin Isaac Foundation

As mentioned above, ChoiceLocal was founded on the mission to help others. In honor of their late son, Ben – Joe and Becky founded the Benjamin Isaac Foundation to help kids who are in physical, emotional, and spiritual need. Our goal is to help 10,000 every year and we are committed to donating 10% of ChoiceLocal’s profits to the Benjamin Isaac Foundation.

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