Know to the Penny What Your Revenue and Return on Investment Is from Every Aspect of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As a marketing agency, one of the greatest frustrations we hear from businesses looking to make a switch to a new agency is that their current agency only seems to care about things like clicks, traffic, impressions and a bunch of stuff that they really feel doesn’t apply to their business.  What every business wants to know is, “Am I gaining a lot from my marketing efforts and exactly how much money am I getting for what I am spending?”

With ChoiceLocal being a growth-based agency with a brand promise of amazing customer service and amazing results we developed a way to solve that problem for you.

ChoiceLocal’s Focus Is Getting Companies New Business

Our focus is proven new business that we have driven to your business and taking the complexity of a digital marketing strategy and making it simple by talking about concrete things and proving them on a monthly basis.  These are the questions we are built to answer for you:

  1. How many qualified leads did ChoiceLocal give me? 
  2. How many new customers did I get from ChoiceLocal?
  3. How much money did I get from customers that ChoiceLocal drove to me?
  4. What is my return on investment from my investment with ChoiceLocal and what is the breakdown?
  5. How do I get more of what is working well and change what is not working as well?

Get started with ChoiceLocal today.

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