ChoiceLocal Offers Unique Recruiter Solutions for Franchise Networks

If you are looking to improve new employee recruitment in your franchise network, ChoiceLocal is here with recruiter solutions that work. We realize that many recruitment firms tend to price small and mid-sized businesses out of the market, which can make finding qualified job candidates difficult. ChoiceLocal Recruiter is proven to improve recruitment efforts for franchise networks.


What Is ChoiceLocal Recruiter?

ChoiceLocal Recruiter is built to help your business hire the best candidates for the positions you are trying to fill. Our team works to modify job descriptions so that you can find more talented individuals who meet the needs of your franchise brand.


Our Recruiting Strategies Generate Results

At ChoiceLocal, we use strategies that we have perfected and are guaranteed to bring about positive results. Our recruiter solutions ensure that your job descriptions reach skilled professionals who can bring exactly what you need to your business. We also utilize our franchise staffing solution software which will synchronize job postings on numerous employment boards and allow franchisees to customize their response from a single platform.


How We Can Help

ChoiceLocal Recruiter can:

  • Utilize recruitment and job description best practices
  • Manage applicants and applications on one simple system
  • Use numerous employment boards simultaneously for better outcomes
  • Find many qualified candidates on a regular basis
  • Refine keyword research and location-specific listings

At ChoiceLocal, our marketing services often create higher lead closure rates, which in turn creates more demand for your services and a need for more skilled employees. Our recruiter solutions can help minimize the distance between supply and demand by bringing in qualified individuals and making the hiring process easier.

ChoiceLocal is here to help your franchise brand dominate your industry. As a leading digital marketing agency for franchise networks and with over seven years of experience working in franchise industries, we can ensure your franchisees succeed at the local level. To learn more about how our marketing services can help you, click below.

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