A Local Marketing Agency That Cares About Your Business & Franchise Growth

ChoiceLocal is a local marketing agency founded in 2015 to help franchisees reap the benefits of a full suite of digital marketing services without paying exorbitant costs typically associated with a large-scale franchise marketing agency. We offer proven strategies for franchise growth.

How do we do this? Our agency offers industry-leading expertise in:

You can rely on our local marketing agency to get franchise growth that matters

A combination of these proven digital marketing strategies and best practices alongside our commitment to amazing customer service, transparency, and accountability will help your business attract more online organic search traffic, generate more leads, improve lead close rates, improve talent acquisition, and promote franchise growth overall.

Benefits of working with ChoiceLocal:

By being our client you are helping a child in need. 10% of our profits help a child in need through the Benjamin Isaac Foundation. Our company was founded on this purpose. Our goal is to help 10,000 kids every year.

We project your revenue and return on investment before you become a client of ChoiceLocal. This allows you as a client to decide what is best for your business and allows you to hold us accountable.

We are our clients’ best ROI in marketing. Our average customer receives $15.54 for every $1 they invest in marketing with us. When marketing home care companies, medical practices, or franchise systems our typical client receives $12 for every $1 invested in marketing with us.

We specialize in marketing local businesses just like yours. Since our clients’ businesses are essentially the same but serve different localities, we can “carbon copy” the success we have had doing marketing for other businesses just like yours into success for you.

We understand how to market your business better than anyone. We know because we have essentially done it already for companies very similar to yours. At ChoiceLocal, we do this exceptionally well when marketing physicians, home health, and franchises. Yet, due to the local focus of our company and our emphasis on return on investment, we can do this very well for all local businesses that have an average customer value in excess of $3,000.

The work we do for you – you own.  You will have complete ownership of all work that we do for you – forever. This is unlike many local marketing companies and unlike any source that you will buy leads or obtain referrals from.

Amazing customer service. Our entire company culture is built around providing amazing customer service. This is not a bullet point – this is who we are.

Contact Us Today & Get a Complimentary Local Marketing Strategy with ROI & Growth Projections

Are you ready to find out what our local marketing agency can do to help your franchise or local business? Request a free proposal today to find out how ChoiceLocal can help you improve your franchise growth efforts.

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