Set Your Meetings Automatically with ChoiceLocal’s AI Appointment Booking and Franchise Digtal Marketing Services

ChoiceLocal’s Sales Appointment+ is designed to help you maximize your close rates on all leads, from all sources and convert them into booked appointments and paying customers at the highest rate possible. We do this through immediate follow-up on all leads, 24/7/365, through text messaging with a 90% read rate within 3 minutes of a text being sent. Take your franchise digital marketing to the next level with Sales Appointment+. Contact us now.

Tackling Leads Immediately

When a lead comes in through any source, we can put it into ChoiceLocal Sales Appointment+, giving us informed consent to text them. AI will then follow-up confirm they are interested and then engage in a conversation to help to sell the lead, quality the lead with a small handful of knockout questions, and then convert that lead into a booked appointment for your desire – whether a phone conversion or in-person meeting. We will integrate into your calendar to make sure that appointments are booked when you and various staff members may be free.

Why Text Messaging Works in Franchise Digital Marketing

As mentioned, text messaging has a 90% read rate within 3 minutes of a text message going out. In fact, 89% of consumers prefer messaging via text messaging compared to any other method – including calls, emails, chat, etc. This means that you are communicating with your customers the way they want to be for that initial conversation. And 40% of leads come in outside of regular business hours, so you don’t have to staff 24/7/365 – but our Artificial Intelligence does. This is incredibly powerful for you as your competitors have not leveraged this new technology yet. Studies have been done that show that if someone follows up with a lead within 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes the chances of closing that lead goes up 21X. Our technology gives you the ability to follow up like a company that genuinely wants the business of a consumer and you can do it better and faster than anyone by leveraging ChoiceLocal’s Sales Appointment+.

In addition, the average salesperson only follows up with a lead 1.3X. Our technology will engage in immediate conversational dialogue with your customers as if they were talking to a real person via text; however, if we don’t convert the appointment to a booked appointment we will follow up with that customer via text by way of an effective, yet respectable frequency for 6 months.

Constant Follow-Up

Your leads come in via any lead source, we engage immediately via SMS, 24/7/365, in a friendly and conversational tone with your prospect and convert them into a booked appointment. When an appointment is booked by Sales Appointment+, you and your prospect will receive an immediate notification and calendar invite. Once booked, we encourage you to call to the prospect confirming the appointment, talking to a real human voice before the appointment. We find that the immediacy and talking to a real person via SMS coupled with a simple reminder call/voice mail from you creates huge success and will give you better close rates than you have ever had. This results in more business, lower cost of sales, less labor involved in sales, higher close rates, and more customers. For improved franchise digital marketing, contact us now.

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