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Our Local Marketing Strategies Help Businesses Grow

Local, small businesses have a unique and important role in the communities they serve. ChoiceLocal understands the challenges these businesses face with their digital and local marketing strategies. We work with local businesses to help them achieve local market domination throughout the areas they serve. How do we do this? By utilizing industry leading best practices alongside long term digital marketing goal setting and analytics that provide a detailed picture of what is working, what needs changed and what we need to examine next.

Our average local business partner receives $12 in new customer revenue for every $1 they invest in marketing with us. We are able to provide this kind of ROI this by utilizing local marketing strategies to drive leads to your website, get those customers to return and be retained, and into our advanced automated 1:1 marketing system to improve the conversion rate of a lead into a customer.

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ChoiceLocal provides marketing strategies containing client and franchise acquisition projections and revenue projections from the onset. This allows us to provide a baseline of current digital visibility, prepare a custom strategy and most importantly, be held accountable for our projections.

Success Duplication

ChoiceLocal has years of experience working with assisted living facilities throughout North America. We are able to successfully utilize what we have learned from each partner’s success and duplicate our process to achieve the same or better success within your local market.


Within your locality, we are able to deep dive into the unique digital marketing challenges your region may face. This enables us to optimize our process, providing you with a tailored approach to local assisted living marketing.

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Delivering Customers

The number one reason our local business partners come to us is to help them drive leads to their websites. We do this with a proven set of local business marketing solutions that we customize to each partner. Our expert marketers make it simple. We help our partners build and optimize strong, responsive websites, drive leads and calls, close business more efficiently, and track performance in easy to understand terms.

Retaining Business

We also can set up turnkey marketing automation solutions that include marketing strategies to follow up with your existing customers and potential customers to improve your close rates by 21% and your retention rates by 18%.

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