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Our Franchise Network Marketing Solutions

As a franchise network, one of the most important aspects of marketing across all locations is to be able to successfully implement strategies on a local level. Our marketing agency specializes in providing a hyper-localized approach to each individual franchisee. Through years of testing, we have developed unique franchise network marketing solutions that help set apart our partners and expand in the short and long term. Our solutions include:


National and Localized Strategies 

When trying to balance marketing strategies on both a national and local level, many franchise networks experience the same issue: locations not in the most prominent areas get left out. Every franchisee in your network each has its own unique target audience, offers, and marketing needs. 

When partnering with ChoiceLocal, you can ensure each location in your network receives the full attention-to-detail they deserve – no matter their size – while knowing it still aligns with national branding and strategy.  


Why Partner with ChoiceLocal?

When you work with our marketing agency, you work with a team of dedicated experts who have been working with franchise networks for the past seven years. We take the time and effort to learn a franchise brand’s specific industry and integrate that knowledge with our hyper-localized approach. These are strategies that we have perfected through ongoing tests to ensure we are on top of best practices for today’s and tomorrow’s market.

We do more than just provide top-quality marketing services, we make sure each network is involved with their strategy. There is no “one-size-fits-all” plan. Within a franchise network, you are easily serving thousands of neighborhoods – each with their own wants, budgets, and needs. We will help your franchisees pick and choose the best services for their area, because no one knows their community better than they do.

When you partner with ChoiceLocal, your average franchisee will see a $15.54 return on investment for every $1 they invest in us.

  • A 282% increase in new customer inquiries.
  • $15.54 in new customer revenue for every $1 they invest in marketing with us.
  • doubling in job applicant volume and a cost per job applicant ½ what they are paying prior to working with ChoiceLocal – while maintaining or improving hiring rates.
  • A 96% annualized client retention rate, despite no long-term contracts.
  • A Net Promoter Score (NPS) that beats 98% of all major brands by huge margins.
  • We have never lost the recommended agency status from a franchisor once we gained it.
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Franchise Partners Own the Websites We Build
  • We drive new customers & new job applicants
  • ChoiceLocal is a Member of the IFA
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