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ChoiceLocal works to make sure our partners see for themselves the benefits our internet marketing strategies provide. That is why we offer detailed reporting on a monthly basis, as well as goal setting and pathways to help your business strategies evolve over time to accommodate the growth you will experience.

We provide easy to understand, robust reporting that shows you everything you need to know: leads, calls generated, program revenue, ROI, local search engine rankings, website traffic, and key metrics of your program. This makes our organization unique simply because other franchise marketing companies do not offer this level of transparency.

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Here’s How We Do It choicelocal arrow

We offer software to help your business understand where leads are coming from down to the granular level. We dig deep into the internet marketing process to make sure what we’re doing fits your market and drives the maximum number of leads possible in your locality.

All of these metrics come in an easy-to-read monthly report that your account executive will guide you through to help you better understand the context and meaning behind them. Monthly meetings also provide a one-on-one avenue to discuss any concerns or changes that need to be made to your strategy and plan. We will continually work to improve upon our previous efforts with you and other franchise marketing companies you’ve worked with before.

Enhance Your Return on Investment choicelocal arrow

Because we are so process-oriented, we are able to replicate and fine-tune each partner’s results. Most of our partners receive $12 or greater for every $1 they invest in marketing with us. We are unmatched by other franchise marketing companies because we use easy to understand reporting that shows you from a visual perspective exactly how your ROI can be improved or scaled to your market needs.

Learn more about how we can help take your internet marketing efforts to the next level. We offer transparency in analytics and reporting that will provide peace of mind, ownership of effort, and a pathway for further success.

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