Learn About How Marketing Automation Can Improve Your ROI

Making digital marketing an even better return on investment relies on key strategic moves to improve quality lead follow-up and time-saving strategies. We have developed our groundbreaking marketing automation service called Marketing Automation to help your business do just that.

ChoiceLocal takes marketing automation to the next level by helping our partners code leads and providing key follow-up processes based on these codifications.

Here’s How It Works

Studies show that response time is key to lead capture and ultimate ROI improvement. With ChoiceLocal, we’re able to put the right tools in the hands of our partners to help them get in touch with potential leads more quickly. We then put our software to work to help partners streamline the follow-up process and customize responses to each potential lead’s individual needs and circumstances. ChoiceLocal helps our partners monitor where their leads are in the pipeline so the appropriate strategy can be deployed. ChoiceLocal utilizes best-of-breed marketing automation solutions to help our clients boost their lead close rate by 22% by reactivating cold leads and nurturing fresh leads from the moment they come in. Best of all, the more our partners utilize marketing automation, the more data is available to help make strategic improvements across the board.

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