ChoiceLocal Offers Recruiter Solutions to Help Businesses Find Qualified Candidates

Does your organization need help with new employee recruitment? ChoiceLocal recognizes that many small to mid-sized businesses experience challenges when faced with finding qualified job candidates. Often recruitment firms either price these businesses out of the market or don’t perform up to expectations. We offer recruiter solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs.

We Have Many Recruiting Tools and Software to Improve Hiring Efforts

Our organization has unique recruiter services that can help empower your business to overcome obstacles and a competitive market to deliver better-qualified candidates to fill open positions. Our recruiting platform will give your organization the ability to customize job descriptions, view applicant submissions, view and monitor recruitment metrics for your franchise or business, and help increase the number of qualified applicants. When you combine our recruiter solutions with our NPS services, you’ll have the ability to measure your internal net promoter score. Use this to get an idea of how your employees view you and determine which areas you may need to improve. Thus, helping improve your score and employees’ desire to stay long term.

Best Practices That Generate Results

We utilize tried and true best practices and extensive keyword research in the field of recruiter marketing. Our team ensures your job descriptions land in front of qualified candidates who will meet the requirements you’ve outlined. ChoiceLocal’s unique recruiter solution software will syndicate job listings across multiple job boards, giving you a custom response system that’s completely intuitive. With our help, your business will be able to navigate the ever-changing job market while streamlining your recruitment process.

ChoiceLocal Can Help Your Business:

We offer a comprehensive suite of recruitment services designed to streamline your hiring process from start to finish. Our recruiting program can be adapted to meet any sized business needs. 

  • Leverage multiple job boards at the same time to get better outcomes
  • Manage candidates and applications within one easy to use system
  • Utilize recruitment and job description best practices
  • Refine keyword research and location-specific listings
  • Generate a significant amount of quality candidates consistently

We work closely with you to understand what makes your company unique so we can develop an effective recruiting strategy that will meet your goals while saving time and money. Our team emphasizes candidate quality so you can be confident in the people you hire.

Get Your Free Marketing Strategy

A higher lead closure rate means a greater demand for services and employee time. ChoiceLocal can help eliminate the supply and demand gap by providing customized recruiter solutions and recruiter marketing to streamline your hiring process and bring in more qualified applicants. Contact us today for a free marketing strategy and a preview of what our recruiting solution can do. Are you ready to take the next step? Request a free marketing strategy from ChoiceLocal today.

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