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Have you ever wondered what your clients really think about you? Understanding how reviews and client feedback impact your business is key to ongoing success and long-term client satisfaction.

ChoiceLocal’s Review & Retain solution is a reputation management and review management service that taps into information gathered directly from your customers. It helps your business adapt, respond to feedback, and capitalize on strong performance more effectively.

Here’s How Review & Retain Workschoicelocal arrow

ChoiceLocal harnesses the power of text messaging to make reputation management and review management easier than ever. Our Review & Retain service sends a series of automated check-in texts to all your business’s current clients. We then calculate these responses and develop a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Your NPS provides data that will give you a strong understanding of how individuals interacting with your business on a regular basis feel about you and what can be done to improve business practices.

Clients who rate your business highly are carried to a Google review platform where they are encouraged to provide their feedback publicly. ChoiceLocal Review & Retain helps your business funnel your most satisfied clients onto influential review platforms and lets them seamlessly share their success stories.

Not only does ChoiceLocal Review & Retain tell you which clients are at risk of leaving but we also tell you why each person is at risk of leaving. This gives you the tools you need to improve your retention rate, your referrals, your reviews, and your profits.

ChoiceLocal Review & Retain Offers:

  • Monthly text survey of all your clients
  • Real-time review notifications
  • Customized questions for surveys
  • Insights about your NPS
  • Feedback tracking
  • Strategic insights for improving customer experience

Our Proven Resultschoicelocal arrow

When one of our clients came to us asking how he can improve employee retention within his business, we delved into his employees’ most prominent painpoints to come up with a simple and cost-effective game plan. With easy-to-implement suggestions like changing uniforms, improving office communication, and implementing a bonus plan of $25 per five-star review generated, his retention rate skyrocketed! These three simple changes upped his employee NPS score from -20 to 80.

Not only did his retention rate increase by ten percent (in an industry that historically has had 60 percent employee turnover year-over-year), his business received 70 new five-star reviews over eight months which improved his business’s closing rate by eight percent.

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