Our Digital Marketing Agency Is Tailored to Helping Franchisees Grow Their Business Through a Hyper-Localized Approach

At ChoiceLocal, we are here to make online marketing as easy as possible. As an industry-leading digital marketing agency for franchisees, our job is to help your business grow through an influx of leads and, of course, new customers. We take a hyper-localized approach to our marketing efforts, resulting in increased traffic, call volume, and overall online-presence for our partners. Learn more about how we can help your business improve its online visibility, generate more leads, and increase close rates.

Franchisee Marketing Solutions

Our marketers have spent years testing and developing the perfect strategies and services tailor-made around the needs of franchisees. Through our digital marketing agency, we will partner with you to see which strategies work the best to help diversify your business and expand in the short and long term. We offer a unique set of marketing solutions, including:


Why Work with ChoiceLocal?

Through these marketing solutions, we can help franchisees book jobs, expand their presence, and help owners achieve their personal and professional goals. On average, a partner will receive $15.54 for every $1 they invest in our marketing strategies.

When you partner with ChoiceLocal, you will be working with marketing experts that follow industry best practices while looking to the future to stay ahead of your competitors. As a digital marketing agency in the franchisee space, one of our major focuses is providing ongoing testing to offer the most relevant best practices for both today’s market and tomorrow’s as well.

ChoiceLocal takes a hyper-localized approach in everything we do. We learn about your target audience, target area, and surrounding areas to help decide the best keywords to optimize for, determine who your biggest competitors are, and revolve your content around the needs of your local audience.


How We Help Our Partners

At ChoiceLocal, we care about the day-to-day needs and pain points of our partners. We help them navigate through any situation they may find themselves in so they can reach their growth goals.

In one instance, a partner was struggling with how to improve employee retention, so our team dug into his employees’ most prominent pain points and offered a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution. With these suggestions, he was not only able to increase his Net Promoter Score from -20 to 80 and improve his employee retention rate by 10%, he also received 70 five-star reviews within eight months which improved his business’s closing rate by eight percent.


What Other Franchisees Have to Say

“We have been using ChoiceLocal for two years now. They are an amazing digital marketing agency and I highly recommend them. Most SEO companies get you business and you never hear from them again. They have been in constant contact with us every since the day we started with them. Not only do they provide SEO, but they find new ways to help market your business online. We highly recommend them.” – C.H.

“We started using ChoiceLocal just 8 months ago for our small business, and the results have been absolutely amazing. The staff took the time to understand what our business model is and needs, and that ultimately made our campaign soar.  Our business has seen a ridiculous increase in lead generation in not just one area, but both areas which has guaranteed us a more prominent name among our competitors. We absolutely cannot say enough good things about ChoiceLocal or the staff.  Thank you for all of your dedication to our company.” – C.S

“From our initial contact with Patricia to our monthly meetings with Rebecca we feel very well taken care of. Rebecca takes care of every aspect of our online presence, and she leaves us (having been taken advantage of in the past) confident we are in good hands. We love the chat feature and being able to reach out to potential customers immediately. Thank you ChoiceLocal!” – T.J.

“ChoiceLocal has been very beneficial to our company. They work one on one with you to grow your business and online presence. We are in our second year and I have worked with two women in that time who have both been extremely competent, friendly, smart, and caring. They really do want to help us strive to greatness and stay tuned with our mission and vision. I have enjoyed working with ChoiceLocal. I have nothing but great things to say. Absolutely worth every penny!” – K.W.


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