Personalized & Customizable Customer Relationship & Lead Management System That Works for Your Franchise

Is your franchise seeking to monitor its financial performance? A customer relationship management (CRM) system enables companies to evaluate all aspects of the financial performance of their company, including expenses, profit, and return on investment. It also helps you to keep track of lead flow by following the lead through the entire process. This allows franchisees to evaluate and invest in strategies that are working, and tweak ones that are underperforming. Customer relationship management is a necessity for any sized company. No matter the type of franchise business you own, our CRM is customizable and can be tailored to fit your specific business needs.


All Financial Data in a Single Space

Our CRM is a lead management system that allows users to see all financial efforts, including sales and marketing expenses, and the resulting revenue, profit, and ROI. Our CRM is a system that is automated to make managing leads as easy as possible. Our system automatically:

  • Syncs with all online lead sources
  • Assigns leads to the appropriate team member
  • Creates tasks that are triggered off of lead status changes
  • Pushes leads into management software solutions like Clearcare and ERSP


Easy Lead & Customer Relationship Management

Along with automation, our CRM also revolves around different user types and user experiences. We created a system that supports all team sizes, from a single user to multiple users to multiple teams. Users are able to customize their CRM to their style by creating custom lead statuses that match their business process. With this CRM, companies have access to detailed reporting including close rate by lead source and lead member. A better understanding of your lead process enables us and our partners to invest more into what is working, cut out what isn’t, and optimize when needed.


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