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Are you seeking a way to integrate your branding, message, and customer service offerings into the world of social media? ChoiceLocal offers a comprehensive, four-point approach to social media marketing that will help your business jump-start its efforts without having to hire a full time social media manager. Our four-point strategy helps your business:

  1. Build a Target Audience
  2. Engage Your Audience
  3. Develop Brand Ambassadors
  4. Monetize Your Audience

We understand how social media can improve a business’s overall online reputation. With our approach, your business will:

  • Establish a consistent presence on social media
  • Provide relevant information
  • Establish credibility in your local market
  • Establish real-time customer communication
  • Manage reputation, reviews, and direct to consumer feedback
  • Increase reach with paid and organic efforts
  • Grow your digital audience
  • Refer new leads through digital

Two of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of social media marketing are content creation and responding to your audience in real-time. Our social media package addresses both, allowing your business to elevate its reputation without having to devote a full-time employee exclusively to social.

Content Strategy & Management

Social media marketing strategies must include a broad range of content, both organic and paid. Our trained social media experts can help your business determine and refine what content mix will help you reach your target market. ChoiceLocal provides a multi-channel approach to content distribution. This means we can reach your audience where they actually are, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Social Media for Lead Generation

One of the valuable aspects of social media advertising is its ability to reach audiences where they spend their free time. This is why it is such a powerful, and sometimes underutilized, tool for generating leads for businesses. ChoiceLocal can help you bridge the gap between your organic social media presence and your need to generate consistent client and caregiver leads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other emerging platforms.
How do we achieve this?

  • Specialized Industry Targeting: We study your market to develop a target audience that reflects who your clients really are and then harness the power of Facebook and other social media audience-building tools to reach them.
  • Location Targeting: Facebook, LinkedIn, and other mainstream social media platforms offer a broad spectrum of location targeting options, which we utilize to get the most in-territory leads possible on each platform. Our approach to location targeting is customized based on the way ads in your territory tend to perform.
  • Testing and Optimizing: Because social media evolves in real-time, ChoiceLocal is always working to discover the best ways to improve our partners’ ROI and Cost Per Lead. We do this by continually optimizing, testing, and updating your campaigns and strategically attacking your target audience’s pain points. We develop lean, effective campaigns that deliver results.

ChoiceLocal’s social media marketing also provides help with a variety of other services including account setup, paid advertising management, community engagement, and recruiter solutions.

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