Building Up 5 Star Medical Practice Reviews

Getting your medical practice positive reviews online is one of the most powerful aspects of medical practice marketing.  Building up your online reviews has 4 very clear benefits:

  1. If you have more 5-star and 4-star reviews that your competition, and an overall higher rating, you will obtain more new patients through increased trust in your medical practice.
  2. The more positive reviews you have, the higher the local search engine rankings will be for your medical practice.
  3. Between a great set of positive reviews and higher rankings you will take obtain more market share for your practice.
  4. Your existing patients will also have more faith in your practice seeing positive reviews of your practice online – this has the added benefits of increased patient retention and referrals.

So how you get more positive reviews online?

First, you need to delight your patients.  The best way to do this is to make every effort to give them great care with great bedside manner.  Second, you will want to improve what you are currently doing and solicit feedback.

At ChoiceLocal we have solved this challenge for our medical practice clients by enabling them to download a ChoiceLocal medical review app to any tablet device.  Upon check out, patients can in 1 minute or less rate the physician visit, say what they liked and did not like.  This information is then stored in a database and we can share these insights with our physicians to help them improve their practice and patient experience.

Then, for the patients that give extremely good reviews, through this app, we enable our physicians to automatically email their patients and thank them for their business.  In this same email we place a call to action that will with 1 click allow their patients to go to an online review website and publicly recommend the medical practice.  This process when done with ChoiceLocal will quickly improve your patient experience and quickly bring in new patients through increased local rankings and a generous influx of online 5-star reviews.  This is how good medical practice marketing works.

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