Franchise Marketing: Tying Each Lead to Closed Business with ChoiceLocal BusinessHub

franchise marketingBy Joe Soltis

Our mission at ChoiceLocal is to Help Others. For our client partners, this means that we MUST be proving a hard and substantive ROI from the investments they are making in local franchise marketing dominance with ChoiceLocal.

In doing work for hundreds of local business, what we have learned is that our partners, on average see an ROI of about $15.54 for every dollar they invest with us.  That is the good news!

The even better news is that now many of our partners have opportunity to gain more clients per lead. In the past they have lacked the sales processes and tools to get there. We are now solving that problem for free for our partners with ChoiceLocal BusinessHub.

Here are some problems that our partners had that we needed to develop a solution to help them solve:

  • They did not have a way of ensuring every form lead is followed up on within 5 minutes or less.
  • They did not have a way of easily tracking how a lead is followed up with through the sales cycle.
  • They did not have a proven and repeatable way of training salespeople on lead follow-up and closing.
  • They did not have an automated way of measuring salesperson performance on leads that ensured the repeatable sales process is followed.
  • They did not have a tool that all of their lead sources could be placed into and could auto-calculate their Return on Investment by lead source.
  • They did not have an automated way of telling ChoiceLocal which leads turned into big dollars for them so we could optimize their campaigns for cost per new big dollar client instead of just cost per lead.

Since we want to do what is best for our partners, we decided to give this solution free of charge to anyone using our franchise marketing services. That is exactly what we have done by offering ChoiceLocal BusinessHub for free with all of our partners.   This is just one more thing we do that takes our mission of helping others to the next level.

Our job is to provide Fortune 500 level service and results at a small business price and we have found and continue to find the best ways to do that.  This is one of several things we offer that enable us to help our partners better than any other local and franchise marketing firm.

About the Author
Joe Soltis is the founder and CEO of ChoiceLocal. He has a passion for making companies grow through digital marketing and helping others. In his spare time, Joe enjoys spending time with his family and friends, going to church and attending his children’s hockey and sports games. Joe and his wife, Becky, established the Benjamin Isaac Foundation in 2014 to help children and other individuals by giving nutrition, healthcare, education, safety, love and faith to kids around the world in need.

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