Franchise Marketing

What is Franchise Marketing

It goes without saying that opening up a business is a big decision. Not only is there a sizeable startup cost, but once you officially open your doors, you’ll need staff, and of course, customers. 

Marketing has changed over the years from traditional print to TV and radio, and now digital advertisement is at the forefront. But, having a good strategy in place is out of necessity, and finding a partnership with an agency you trust is a must. Enter, franchise marketing with ChoiceLocal.

Franchise Marketing Defined by Us

Franchise marketing is coined as marketing specifically for franchises. Of course, it is, right? But, what differs our franchise marketing strategy from any other digital strategy out there? Let’s start with the basics.

Marketing, a noun, is defined as the act or process of selling or purchasing in a market; or, the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. 

The word franchise, also a noun, has many definitions, but for today’s purpose, it is defined as the right or license granted to an individual or group to market a company’s goods or services in a particular territory.

When you put the two together, you get franchise marketing — and that’s been the heart and soul of the business here at ChoiceLocal. A one-person operation that has turned into the first and only franchise marketing agency with a guarantee that has pleased its partners since 2014.

For ChoiceLocal, we view franchise marketing as a strategy built around specifically targeting customers who are looking for those local companies who are just a click or call away. This strategy that has been developing and evolving is repeatable, proven, and works within the franchise brands we are partnered with. 

We believe in the nature of a good partnership, and that’s why you’ll never hear us use the term clients. We do not have clients, we have partners, and we are driven to help each one succeed.

The Future of Growth in Franchising

The world as we all know it changed at the start of 2020. But, the one area that is starting to see numbers bounce back is franchise business growth. 

It was estimated that the total number of franchise establishments was expected to grow 3.5% — or 6,585 units higher than the pre-Covid level by the end of 2021, according to With the franchise business growing and trending back to the levels near what they were in 2019, the inception of all the new businesses will be in need of a sound marketing strategy. 

Any SEO, PPC, email, or social strategy associated with franchise marketing for partners of ChoiceLocal gets hyperlocal and specific to each business. This means making sure all content and campaigns align in a mult-channel marketing manner. Your brand deserves to be visible and recognizable, and we are are here to help with that.

About ChoiceLocal

ChoiceLocal is a franchise marketing agency that is dedicated to leading a purpose-driven business as the first and only franchise marketing agency with a money-back guarantee. This has led to successful partnerships with more than 50 franchise brands and a spot on Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies. The core values are driven not only by the digital marketing work that is done but reflected in each person that becomes a teammate. Teammates are volunteering in their local communities every quarter and making a difference to those around them. Named a top workplace for four years straight, ChoiceLocal is dedicated to making the lives of all those it’s involved with better.

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