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What Is Native Advertising and How Does It Work In Email?

What Is Native Advertising and How Does It Work In Email?

By Mara Yeager

As consumers’ needs change over time, it’s important that businesses adapt to these switches in knowledge and behavior. Keeping up with the trends, adapting to customers’ demands, and communicating and engaging with target audiences is a vital parts of marketing and crucial to running a successful business.

One form of advertising that has been proven effective in capturing the attention of consumers is native advertising. Native advertising is a form of paid advertising that fits “natively” or seamlessly on a web page or email. It highlights promotional content that blends in with the other content on the page. Marketers tend to go even a step further and ensure that the voice of the ad, along with the appearance is consistent with the web page or email. An example of native advertising may include a sponsored post or content written by a publisher that monetizes their email subject matter.

This newly popular form of advertising creates an opportunity to reach your target audience while showing an increase in clickthrough rates. The reason for these increases is contributed to the credibility of the email publisher. Although native advertising can be found on a web page, native advertising on emails is brand safe, and relevant in the eyes of the consumer. The reason for this is that consumers subscribe to the email of brands that they know, love, and trust. This loyalty that the brand has created is now extended to engage consumers with other topics of relevance within the email newsletter.

Most companies who have found success within email native advertising have understood that more than 25% of Internet users use adblockers wasting money off advertisements that are not being shown. Native advertising has a higher cost-effectiveness ratio, along with stronger relationships resulting in higher engagement and increased brand awareness.

So, how do you find what works best for your brand and content? There is a balance that will be created after creating A/B tests and incorporating native ads within your brand’s emails. It’s critical to remember that you are creating an experience for your reader, and it will take time to find the best way to utilize native advertising within each of these platforms. With the right tools in place and tests conducted, native advertising in email can be a diversifying aspect that sets your brand apart from competitors.

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