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Why Digital Marketing is a Must

Why Digital Marketing is a Must

It’s been reported that 33% of small business owners work more than 50 hours per week, while 25% say they log north of 60 hours (New York Enterprise Report). With so much time and dedication going into fueling the business, the last thing a franchisee needs to worry about is executing their marketing strategy. With a good digital strategy in place, you can focus more on the business and less on the marketing.

Why A Good Digital Marketing Strategy Is Needed

The digital age began in the 1980s and has since continued to grow as we know it today. As of 2019, more than 90% of those living in the United States have internet access (Statista). With the majority of the county having internet access, it only makes sense that a well-thought-out digital strategy can help penetrate the market in the areas that you serve.

In 2022, a good digital strategy is what keeps businesses afloat, and without it, you may quite literally fall off the map. A cohesive digital marketing strategy will not only keep you in touch with your current customers but will also help reach potential customers through multi-channel marketing. This has now over forms of traditional advertising including direct marketing or public relations.

Where To Start

While the importance of optimized local listings has become evident over the years, a sound social media strategy along with targeted email campaigns are key contributors that simply cannot be overlooked.

Email nurture campaigns can be triggered to go out to select, targeted, groups of individuals based on their level of interactiveness with the business as well as where they are at in the funnel. A drip campaign will ensure that all individuals will receive messaging no matter the level of interaction.

A strategy that uses both nurture and drip campaigns will allow all customers to receive regular communication from your business. This is a form of hands-off marketing that will be running in the background without you having to lift a finger.

As for social media, every brand should maintain a channel to keep a presence. Social media can be used to acquire reviews, showcase photos, highlight team members, take business inquiries, direct traffic to your site, and much more.

A good social strategy will influence audience behaviors of a target audience. Not only will a good social strategy promote your brand, but it will also provide a level of authenticity to your business.

About ChoiceLocal

ChoiceLocal is a franchise marketing agency that is dedicated to leading a purpose-driven business as the first and only franchise marketing agency with a money-back guarantee. This has led to successful partnerships with more than 50 franchise brands and a spot on Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies. The core values are driven not only by the digital marketing work that is done but reflected in each person that becomes a teammate. Teammates are volunteering in their local communities every quarter and making a difference to those around them. Named a top workplace for four years straight, ChoiceLocal is dedicated to making the lives of all those it’s involved with better.

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