Why handling leads in a timely manner is a must

Why Handling Leads In A Timely Manner Is A Must

Why Handling Leads In A Timely Manner Is A Must

The primary objective of an agency when you choose marketing services is to generate qualified leads for you, the partner. But many may underestimate the crucial role lead handling plays in the marketing process.

As a marketing company, we provide a consistent flow of incoming leads that are subsequently forwarded to our customers. Although agencies try to position their clients, or as we say, partners, for success, it is ultimately up to them to close the deal. A lead who is interested in your service or product could fall between the cracks without a strong lead-handling process, which is the exact opposite of what we want to happen!

What constitutes a successful lead management procedure to maximize your inquiry-to-customer conversation rate? We will discuss important strategies for introducing, managing and following up with leads in this blog post to give you the best opportunity of earning their business.

Initial Perceptions

It’s crucial that you’re speaking to the correct person when they inquire about your services. First impressions matter whether they are contacting you via phone, email, or in person. When leads are not given to a helpful or prompt sales professional who can address their questions and steer them in the correct path, they frequently wind up being wasted. It’s crucial to have a point of contact who always picks up the phone, is familiar with all the goods and services your business offers, and understands the urgency of the situation when you receive a call.

Make sure the individual who answers the phone and welcomes potential clients is a suitable match for the position because they are frequently viewed as the face of your business. Using a call monitoring application to record every phone call your company makes is a terrific way to find out. You may keep tabs on chats and productive relationships in this way.

Writing a repeatable script could be a useful asset. A basic call script can begin with an introduction of the business, the name of the receptionist, and a straightforward “How may I assist you?”. They should endeavor to learn the caller’s identity, the reason for the call, and their contact information throughout the conversation.

Choosing a High-Quality Lead

You won’t sell your services to every lead you speak to. Usually, it will take several calls or visits to turn them in to a client. But, you can typically tell which leads are solid and worth following up with on that initial call or visit.

Typically, interested leads:

  • Are willing to share their contact details
  • Will reveal their full identity and initial name
  • Specify why they are phoning

Typically, uninterested leads:

  • Are unwilling or skeptical to provide simple answers
  • Are reluctant to divulge their contact details
  • Hang up if you only want a quick conversation

There is no need to waste time if the sales representative determines that the caller is not qualified.

A Follow-Up

It’s time to close the deal after a qualifying lead has been identified. The majority of people who inquire about a product or service won’t buy right away, especially if the price is high, so it’s crucial to develop a relationship over time.

There is a good time to call potential new business, according to CallHippo’s The Best Day and Time to Make A Business Call study. Try calling potential leads:

  • On a Wednesday or Thursday
  • Between 11:00 am – 12:00 pm or 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

The absolute optimum moment to get in touch with someone is within an hour of them expressing interest, or if they left you a message.

Persistence should always be on your side and is one of the most crucial aspects of following up. Calls are still the best approach to turn a lead into a paying customer even if most people are reluctant to pick up the phone. The CallHippo study found that for a successful conversion rate, you should attempt to reach out to leads at least six times if you miss their call.

Benefits and General Conclusion

Even though you might not be able to convert every eligible lead that comes your way, lead handling has many advantages, including a rise in conversion rates and the capacity to remain “top of mind” for possible new clients. Identifying the leads on which receptionists and sales representatives should concentrate their efforts will help you increase your company’s production rate.

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