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Effective Social Media Content Ideas in Franchise Digital Marketing

Effective Social Media Content Ideas in Franchise Digital Marketing

Finding fresh subject matter for social use is tricky business in franchise digital marketing. You can’t repurpose the same content week after week. You can’t constantly thump your chest and talk about your services. You can’t forget to engage with your audience. You can’t focus on quantity over quality. And you certainly can’t utilize the same boring strategy.

In a world where attention spans zoom at the speed of a thumb scroll, you must do more to promote franchise engagement and, ultimately, strong leads. You’re sure to invigorate your brand when you show your local users something you haven’t done before through social media posts.

Ask questions

If you can get your audience to talk, that’s a good starting point, and one reliable way to do this is by asking a question. It could be something simple or even controversial. But questions do promote engagement, which comes from the word “engage” – which means to occupy, attract, or involve someone’s interest or attention. What social media guru wouldn’t want that?

Share others’ content

We all have that one friend who always seems to share interesting stories, tidbits, or other news from around the web. We tend to pay attention when we see their posts because it’s usually good. When you do the same thing in franchise digital marketing, your clients also pay attention.

Share testimonials

Everyone knows Google Reviews exist, but GBP profiles are getting increasingly packed with information, and it’s hard to take it all in. Let others see what honest, local people say about you regularly, even if they don’t visit your GBP page.

Be funny and creative

Use memes and gifs so others can see your lighter side – and that it’s not always about pushing a service or product. Play upon holidays, blockbuster movie releases, and other newsworthy moments, and let your creative side shine.

Create your own videos

TikTok and Instagram Reels are wildly popular because they entertain in brief clips. There’s no reason you can’t create your videos and do the same. Your franchise digital marketing will be the better for it.

Share how-to’s and advice

Explainer videos help potential clients understand why your products or services are so important, especially if it’s in an industry that most people don’t understand.

Highlight employees or customers

If you have a photo of your child on your phone, that’s nice. If you see a photo of your child on a feed, you share it. Now, think about your industry: when you tout an employee or valuable customer, they’re likely to share it in their feed, and your message spreads – which improves your overall franchise digital marketing efforts.

Give a look at behind-the-scenes

Allowing users to see things they usually can’t or how something is done provides access and creates an allegiance. It makes your potential customer base feel like insiders, and that’s worth something.

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