Home Care Marketing Search Engine Optimization

A home care company can receive a dramatic boost from home care marketing that focuses on search engines with home care marketing search engine optimization.

If you are a home care company and you are not showing up within the first page of results in the search engines like Google, Yahoo Bing, you are losing 70% of the local search volume.  This volume, for some at home care companies, when captured with first page listings, drives in excess of $130,00 in new patient lifetime revenue to their at home care company every month.  An at home care company that serves the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, and who gains a 4% market share of the Google search engine result pages, would have this $130,000 monthly market opportunity.

How do you capture this local home care marketing search engine optimization (SEO) opportunity?

  1. You can hire a home care marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization to get your website to the top of the local search engine results.
  2. You can do it yourself.  In order to do it yourself, you will need time, expertiese, and a great mobile friendly website that is local SEO friendly.   To get a head start use these home health marketing ideas that are written up in our complimentary and comprehensive guide How to Drive Customers to Your at Home Care Business.

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