Using Marketing Automation to Improve Booked Procedures

Physician practices that offer patients consultations and introductory appointments that lead to booked procedures such as laser eye surgery, dental surgery, cosmetic surgery, and orthodontic work have a lost opportunity with patients that come in for an initial consultation, are medically a fit for the procedure, but then never end up doing the procedure with their practice.  Using, automated 1:1 email, also known as marketing automation, a physician practice can improve their appointment to procedure ratio by as much as 25%.

How does it work?

  1. An appointment request comes in through a physician website or is made via the practice front desk. Immediately upon submission of that request an email is sent to that patient reminding them of their appointment time.
  2. The day before the appointment another email is sent to the patient reminding them of their appointment time.
  3. They day after the appointment the patient receives an email with a guide to the type of surgery that they are booked for and information about how insurance typically covers this type of surgery.
  4. The patient then receives a drip of this information on a bi-weekly basis for the next two months, and then a monthly email about it monthly for the remaining 10 months.
  5. This process keeps the practice and the procedure top of mind and it sends the patient information that would help them overcome objections to getting the procedure done.

This is one the most effective physician marketing strategies to converting an appointment into a procedure.  ChoiceLocal offers full service local marketing solutions to physicians to solve these challenges for independent practices in a simple manner.

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