Most Of The U.S. Population Is On Social Media. Is Your Business?

Most Of The U.S. Population Is On Social Media. Is Your Business?

Most Of The U.S. Population Is On Social Media. Is Your Business?

You may be hesitant to bring your business into the social media era if you started it before the online scene exploded. In fact, in 2005, just 5% of the United States was on social media. However, having a website with excellent content is no longer sufficient in this era when Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok are taking over phones nationwide. Now, 70% of the population has active social accounts.

The opportunity is right there, and you may be passing up chances to reach customers and grow your business if you do not have a consistent online social presence. Social media is imperative for local marketing strategies as its looking to attract clients and grow their organization. This can be best summarized as follows:

  • Social media makes it possible to spread the word about the material on your website.
  • People who wouldn’t typically see find you on social media do so because others share it there. This can be the case if they haven’t heard of you or are unaware that you have a website.
  • People who wouldn’t normally view your content may visit your website as a result of them seeing it, increasing traffic to your page.
  • If your content is good, those who would not typically view it may share it with others on social media.

The content that was shared by the initial group of individuals who ordinarily wouldn’t see your content is then seen by additional individuals who would have never known it existed. In turn, those individuals may choose to share your information or visit your website, resulting in an even greater increase in website traffic. And so it goes, resulting in more people visiting your website.

Why This Is Important

  • Your website’s increased traffic opens up more prospects for leads and sales.
  • Search engine rankings rise as a result of increased traffic and social media sharing, liking, and tweeting, among other activities.
  • Increased website traffic results from improved search engine rankings for your web pages.
  • Increased website traffic means more potential for leads and sales.
  • Higher business, sales of goods and services, earnings, and business opportunities all result from increased leads and sales, which also makes owners and staff happier.

With 70% of the U.S. population active on social media, it would be a determinant to miss out on engaging with your audience. It should be a priority to create, or better, your current social strategy before the end of the year.

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