Digital Marketing Strategies During A Downturn

Digital Marketing Strategies During A Downturn

Digital Marketing Strategies During A Downturn

If this year has caught you off guard without a strategic marketing plan in place, the good news is, it’s never too late to shift strategies.

A little can often go a long way. Try out these three tactics if you are having trouble reaching your target audience.

Every Day, Reach Out to Your Customers in Their Inbox

The goal of marketing is to put your company in front of your target market so that people think of you first when they need your products or services. Email marketing is a crucial and intimate method of connecting with your target audience. If you are not currently regularly interacting with your consumers via email, you may be passing up a significant opportunity. It is simple, efficient, and reasonably priced.

Did you know that 99% of consumers at the very least check their email daily? No other form of communication can make that claim. By regularly sharing fresh ways your company can help customers and adding intriguing and clickable calls to action to your campaigns, you can stay at the top of their inbox.

Concentrate Retargeting Campaigns on Current Clients

Invest in several brand-awareness campaigns that make use of Google AdWords and social media channels. Concentrate your social media marketing efforts on running retargeting campaigns for your current clients and a separate campaign for people whose profiles might resemble those of your current clients.

You can begin to increase the visibility of your business by communicating with customers via email and numerous other channels. When coupled with effective communication, visibility can make the difference between a customer choosing you over your rival.

Share Information Frequently and Educate Your Clients

As a small business, your digital quiet can become deafening when you don’t follow a content plan. Sadly, your consumers will notice. There are a few low-cost solutions to test out when it comes to various web marketing tactics.


The attention of both potential and current clients can be attracted through newsletters. They could aid in keeping your company in people’s minds. Recurring mailings help you stay in front of your audience while quietly reminding them of how you can assist them and address a particular issue they might be experiencing. Your audience will determine the newsletter’s format and frequency. Think about distributing materials that speak to the requirements of your current and potential clientele. Case studies of successful initiatives should be used to highlight new services.

Posts on Social Media

We Have Anyspace’s head of digital marketing, Robin Barendsen, highlighted that 77% of B2B marketers employ content marketing, citing data from the Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 trends report. According to Barendsen, the majority of B2B content marketers employ instructional resources to cultivate leads and increase audience trust, both of which are crucial for inbound marketing.

Remember, your customers are just a post or an email away. It’s never too late to switch up your strategy.

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