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The Benefits of Social Media: How Social Media Can Help Local Businesses Thrive

By Cara Chiappero

As much as some people may hate to believe it, we live in an age of social media sites and digital platforms. While some may see social media platforms as a way to connect with friends and share memes or news articles, there is so much more that these platforms have to offer. Social media platforms have redefined customer service and provided a valuable tool for businesses. Having a good online presence on these platforms can transform the outcome of even small businesses. 

Four Reasons Why Social Media Is Important For Small Businesses

How exactly can these social networking sites impact smaller businesses? We’ve come up with the most significant benefits of social media that local companies take advantage of:

Broader Audiences and Greater Brand Awareness

According to Statista, there were over 3.6 billion social media users last year, and this number has been steadily rising yearly. This large user base can exponentially grow the audience that a local business has access to, which would, in turn, give them greater brand awareness with their consumers. Social media is full of potential customers that are just waiting for businesses to make themselves known, which would spread brand awareness. 

Provide Recommendations 

If you scroll through your social media channels, you’ll most likely come across a post of someone looking for recommendations. People on social networks are constantly asking for other’s suggestions, so having a social platform for your business can put any small business right in these discussions to grow a broader audience and utilize the word-of-mouth marketing that social media provides. 

Lower Costs

One of the biggest benefits of social media networks is that accounts are free to start, but growing a large following from scratch could take a while. However, most platforms provide easy and effective advertising and social media tools that can help any business reach a wider audience quickly and for a fraction of other forms of traditional advertising costs. If you’re looking to take your social media campaigns to the next level, ChoiceLocal is always here to help partners with our social media marketing strategies!

Communication With Customers

Social networks also provide a quick and easy way for businesses to connect with their customers and vice versa. Whether through comments or direct messages, speaking with consumers and potential customers has never been easier. Using social networks to engage directly with consumers and answer their questions or issues quickly drives engagement. It builds a level of trust with your target audience. It also provides an excellent way for customers to give reviews and feedback, which is a great way to drive brand awareness and trust.

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