What Does Google Business Profile Do Anyway?

What Does Google Business Profile Do Anyway?

What Does Google Business Profile Do Anyway?

You may have heard this more than you care to share, but if you haven’t, a key element Google uses when deciding which websites to show is consistent and accurate local listings. How this works is Google searches for companies that display a dependable online presence everywhere such as listings and review sites. Since this is where searchers are looking, Google does not want to lead them astray.

Google Business Profile (GBP), formally known as Google My Business, is one of the most beneficial spots for your online visibility which in turn can promote organic growth. Here are a few takeaways to improve on this to drive searchers to your business.

What Local SEO Benefits Can Google Business Profile Provide?

When you confirm the details of your company through Google Business Profile, you are informing the search engine that the information about your company is accurate on Google Maps and Google search results. This is an excellent place to start, even though it’s crucial to keep consistent citations across all local listings.

Once your business profile is confirmed, you can use your listing to further promote your business. This can include adding direct appointment links, call buttons, website URLs, photos, and more to really make your profile stand out!

Defining Local Business Citations And Its Importance

Citations are any online references to your company name, even if they are not directly connected to your site. Citations may include your Google listing, local listings, and review websites such as Yelp. Making sure that your company’s name, address, and phone number are the same everywhere online is crucial since it demonstrates to Google that the information on these sites is reliable.

What happens if you have inaccuracies across the web? Well, Google may not display any information about your company because it is unsure of what to believe. This means you may run a chance of not appearing at all! Accuracy benefits both you and the user — so keep it consistent to start!

Consistency Is Key

All of your citations should have the exact same information about your company in order to maintain consistency for search engines. For example, things like punctuation and even qualifiers should match exactly your business name to what is stated on your website, including your company’s address. However that is appearing on your site and other local listings, make sure it is copied precisely.

One of the biggest examples of this we see at ChoiceLocal is the company’s address. Street, suite, number, etc., can all throw your listings for a loop. Make a decision, and stick to it!

Why It Matters

According to Hubspot, as of 2021 Google controlled more than 92% of the search engine market share. Read that again! Google controls 92% of search engine market shares — which means your business is dependent on it! Having a great strategy in place from the get-go is crucial, but if you missed the boat at launch, no worries, you can always hop on later!

ChoiceLocal runs differing audits to ensure our partners’ listings display consistency across the web. This includes local listing audits as well as GBP verification and support. If 92% of the search is happening on Google, you surely want to make sure you make the cut.

About ChoiceLocal

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