Three Elements of Effective Lead Management

Infographic by Ali Dieken  One of the most frustrating parts of marketing is when a qualified lead is unnecessarily lost. If you have an influx of leads but feel like they’re slipping through your grasp, it may be time to consider a new lead handling system. Learn how to optimize your lead conversion rate by […]

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ChoiceLocal Experiences Continued Growth In 2019

As Our Brand Matures So Does Our Culture And Business WESTLAKE, OHIO JANUARY 16, 2020 ChoiceLocal, a digital marketing agency serving franchise owners throughout the country, accomplished much over the past 365 days to help our customers, teammates, community and business grow. The franchise marketing agency had many successful initiatives in 2019, including its greatest […]

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amp mobile pages

SEO Benefits of Implementing AMP on Your Website

By Ben Strahsburg It’s time to increase your website’s page speed. AMP has been around since 2016 with little impact on your organic rankings, so why start using them now? Google has been making mobile search a high priority for a few years now. So, even if you don’t see an immediate impact on your […]

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Five Essential Image SEO Tips

By Anthony Vence Every webpage should include at least one visual element – whether it be a photograph, logo or infographic. While visual elements are meant to be engaging, they also hold significant SEO value and are a great tool for optimizing a webpage. How to Use Images to Your Advantage When planning your SEO […]

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PPC How To

Five Keys to Writing Effective PPC Ads

By Natalie Medaglia One of the most important aspects of pay per click advertising is the ad copy. Although consumers are searching for relative keywords, it is your ad copy that truly grabs their attention and will lead to a conversion. If you do not have eye-grabbing ad copy, they might pass you up for […]

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The Content Writer's Guide to Overcoming Writer's Block

The Content Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Writer’s Block

By Molly McNamara We’ve all been there. You’ve finally set aside some time to write, but the words just aren’t coming to you. Whether it’s a project for work, a school assignment or a personal piece, you find yourself sitting at your desk, coffee in hand, aimlessly staring at a blank word doc.  Even the […]

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Content is King: Making the Most of Your Content Writing

By Yonathan Samuel Digital marketing is advertising delivered through digital channels. Just as a noisy, colorful TV commercial may grab your attention at first, a pretty-looking website and interactive webpages may initially attract visitors to your site. Customers appreciate a high-resolution design and great user interface. But if noises and colors are all the TV […]

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How to Make an Attention-Grabbing Google My Business Post

By Victoria Lind Google rolled out a feature to publish posts on Google My Business (GMB) profiles in June 2017. These posts allow profile owners to create a message up to 1,500 characters that include a call to action (encouraging users to visit a website, click to call, schedule an appointment, register for an event […]

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COD Lead generationTo Offset Market Decline

By Patricia Thibault Welcome to ChoiceLocal’s second blog post in the “One Step Ahead” Blog series.  As mentioned previously, the HHG market is down 10% (source:  Industry Trends Issue 1).  In this post, we will educate you on digital marketing strategies that will immediately differentiate your moving company and offset market decline. . . . (Read more here.)

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The Importance of PPC Landing Page Testing

By Colin Brotherton As a PPC Specialist, there’s nothing more frustrating than when the flow of form leads slow. Sure, calls are nice, but nothing can replace the sweet satisfaction of seeing a form lead roll in. It means knowing someone took the time to fill out some personal info and submit it. There’s also […]

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